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Episodes for July 2007

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Traveler's Journal for July 2007

July 2.

Summer school stay

Here's an interesting accommodations options for budget conscious travelers. Stay at a college which opens its dorms to visitors.

July 3.

A shell game on the Thames

The world's best rowers have gathered in a small town 40 miles up the Thames River from London. The Henley Royal Regatta starts tomorrow.

For information:

July 4.

A visit to Gettysburg

This week in 1863, an epic, three-day battle changed the course of the Civil War and the nation's history. For information on Gettysburg:

July 5.

Island of the senses

Mallorca is the largest of the four craggy Baleric Islands that jut from the Mediterranean 120 miles off of Spain's East Coast. For info:

July 6.

Running with Pamplona's bulls

For 300 years before Hemingway and Michener popularized the annual ritual in this northern Spanish city, the bulls have run each morning during the Festival of San Fermin.

For info:

July 9.

A traveling state of mind

Exploration is more of a state of mind than matter of miles, one part locomotion and three parts the desire for discovery.

July 10.

Sampling Speyside Scotch

Along a 70-mile loop through the Scottish Highlands, grooves of old malting chimneys bloom above weathered granite buildings. For info:

July 11.

Photography's magic hours

Serious photographers know that the half hour either side of sunrise and sunset is when the light is best for making pictures outdoors.

July 12.

The perils of too much up or down

Whether scaling mountain heights or scouring watery depths, invest the time to adjust slowly to your new environment.

July 13.

Skiing south of the border

The Andes Mountains boast some fine ski resorts, and air service to South America has improved greatly. For info: or

July 16.

Pinnacles of perspective

Many places possess at least one stunning panorama. Although well populated by tourists, these views are usually worth a visit.

July 17.

High points of nature

The sweeping panoramas always capture a traveler's attention. Here are some natural highs to enjoy.

July 18.

Mounting Mount Fuji

The Japanese say, he who climbs Mount Fuji once is wise: he who climbs it twice is a fool. For information: or

July 19.

Trekking up Kilimanjaro

At 19,335 feet, Uhruhu Peak is Africas acme, the summit volcanic massif that the world knows as Kilimanjaro. For information:

July 20

Scaling Mount Titano

The citizens of San Marino look down on their neighbors. Since it's situated entirely on a mountain surrounded by Italy, it's literally possible to fall off of this tiny country. For information:

July 23.

Making European culture more affordable

Entrance to Europe's great museums average $20 or more per person. Fortunately many cities have programs to help ease the expense.

July 24.

The call of the great North Woods

For centuries, Maine's woods have attracted visitors who crave the experience of expansive wilderness. For info:

July 25.

Summer in Antibes

Sun seekers have gravitated to on the on the French Riviera for millennia, but it will do Americans to invent a summer season. For info:

July 26

Flying without a safety net

Before you climb on that bungee platform or strap on those SCUBA tanks ask yourself, "Am I really covered if anything goes wrong?" For information:,,,,

July 27

On Safari in Ohio

"The Wilds" is a unique big game preserve just a few miles off Interstate 70 in south central Ohio. For information:

July 30

Stretching money overseas

Millions of Americans heading overseas this summer will be shocked at the prices they find. Here are ways to widen your wallet.

August 1

Saving on value added taxes

Value-added taxes are still a foreign idea to many Americans, but smart travelers know they can produce big refunds.

August 2

Illinois's Starved Rock State Park

The Illinois River and its tributaries have carved 18 gorgeous gorges over the last 11,000 years. For information:

August 3.

Browsing in Brown County

Indiana highway 135 meanders among the scenic hills of Brown County and presents a panorama of rural Midwest images. For information:

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