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Episodes for August 2007

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August 2007.


August 6.

The Channel Islands

Though these five tiny islands in the English Channel lie closer to France, they've been linked to England since 1066. 


August 7.

Jaunting around Jersey

Though just 12 miles long by 7 miles wide, the Isle of Jersey is the largest and most developed of the Channel Islands. For Jersey tourism:


August 8.

The cream of Guernsey

The southern coast of the Isle of Guernsey is lined by steep cliffs that rise from the open Atlantic.  Renoir walked this way and painted.  For Guernsey tourism


August 9,

Stoked on Slick Rock

For fat tire bikers, Moab, Utah is a mecca. With training, even novice riders can pedal perpendicularly across smooth rock slopes.  For information on Moab,


August 10.

Rambling in Rosenlaui

The Swiss Alps are a great destination year-round, yet they can get very busy in summer.  Here is one place  to escape the crowds.  For information:


August 13.

Using a flash out doors

Whether you're shooting digitally or with film, a flash can improve the quality of your photos, indoors or out, and in any kind of like.


August 14.

Research Park Triangle

North Carolina's Piedmont country is halfway between Washington, DC and Atlanta and midway from the Atlantic to the Appalachians.  For information:


August 15.

Hotel theft liabilities

Too often travelers are shocked to discover how little responsibility hotels and motels actually assume for theft of guest valuables.




August 16.

Assessing the fear factor

News headlines imply that foreign travel has become particularly dangerous.  Statistics from four governments suggest a more benign worldview.

Official government websites:






August 17.

Health tips for tropical travel

When visiting the tropics, travelers can do everything right and get sick, or everything wrong and stay well.  Still, here are 10 Commandments for tropical travel.


August 20

Motorcycle Touring

The Easy Rider image and lure of the open road are still attractive propositions, but motorcycle touring has become much more than a useful rite of passage. For information:


August 21

Still seeing red in Moscow

Moscow has had a makeover in the 16 years since the fall of the USSR, but some visitors come to see the capital of the “Evil Empire,” a place of East/West intrigue.  For Cold War tours: Intourist or FOS Tours


August 22.

The San Juan Skyway

US Highway 55, which picks its way carefully through Colorado's San Juan Mountains, is a road to be savored, a gear shifter's glory.  For information:


August 23.

Cut rate cruises

Fall is usually a good season to find bargains on Caribbean cruises, but this year there is a bumper crop.


August 24.

Vesuvius and Krakatoa.

We remember the anniversaries of two of history's most famous volcanic eruptions.


August 27


Wine tasting on the Moselle

The string of tiny villages located along the Moselle River are Germany's most ancient.  Viticulture has been a primary activity around there for 2000 years.  For



August 28.

Frolicking on the Lahn

Just south of where the Moselle River meets the Rhine at Koblenz is the mouth of another beautiful German River, the Lahn.  For


August 29.

Rules of the off-road

“Leave it as you found it,” is the basic tenant for the rules of the off-road.  Here are some particulars.


August 30.

A question of access

So, great strides have been made under the Americans With Disabilities Act, the notion of a stress-free vacation is still elusive, especially if you’re going abroad.


August 31.

Islands in San Francisco Bay

This time of year, the lines are long at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf for the ferry rides to Alcatraz and Angel Island.  For information -


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