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The Traveler's Journal, September 2007.


September 3.

The hurry-up vacation

As life’s pace quickens and the demands of the daily schedule become increasingly hectic, a trend in leisure travel has emerged.  Call them fast forward getaways.


September 4.

Getting into Africa

The African continent is often perceived as a single, vaguely dangerous place.  But it is infinitely varied, with more than 50 countries and thousands of different cultures.


September 5.

Advice on ATMs abroad

Automatic teller machines are the currency source of choice for people on the go, both in the US and overseas, but it's always wise to have other resources as well.


September 6.

Drop that Chalupa

More disconcerting than exotic entrées ordered inadvertently is the case of dysentery you might get served on the side.


September 7

The mystique of Mustique

Just 3 miles long and half a mile wide, this tiny Caribbean island is the essence of understated elegance.  For information:


September 10.

National Parks passports

The Park Service offers a range of inexpensive annual passes that provide unlimited access to America's natural treasure houses.  Some of these parks are even collectibles. For information on national Parks passes and passports, visit


September 11.

Essential Yellowstone

Approaching its 138th anniversary, America's first national Park is still wild and untamed at heart, a challenging, strikingly varied landscape. For information on Yellowstone, visit


September 12.

Mounting Mesa Verde

When it was set aside in 1906, Mesa Verde was America's first national park established solely to preserve the relics of prehistoric man.  That was a wise decision. For information on Mesa Verde:



September 13.

Beholding British Columbia's pale bears

The central coast of British Columbia ranks among the earth's most spectacular landscapes. Whales cruise ocean inlets, and pale white bears paw deep woods streams for salmon.

Special - Hotels in British Columbia 


September 14.

The going is great in Goa

In the last days of the Middle Ages, a tiny piece of Portugal took root on the shores of the Indian Ocean, just south of the city of Mumbai. For information:


September 17.

Airing airline complaints

Few travelers know their rights when scheduled flights are delayed diverted or canceled.  The sad truth is each airline is largely free to do whatever it wants, and lately, that’s not much. To register complaints

About airline service: Department of Transportation at

about airline safety: the Federal Aviation Administration

about airline security: the Transportation Security Administration at


September 18.

Ambling through Amsterdam

Rather than broad vistas, Amsterdam unveils its charms on a more intimate, human scale.  Its easy, down-to-earth feeling makes complete strangers feel at home.  For information, contact Netherlands Board of tourism at or


September 19.

Enjoying a Dutch treat

Mastricht, the venerable old Dutch city on the banks of the river Meuse, is a dollop of Holland squeezed in between Belgium and Germany. For information, contact


September 20.


In the fall of 1810, a massive royal wedding was held on a swath of fields along Munich's southwest corner, and the whole city was invited.  It still is. For information:


September 21.

Through the lens artfully

New digital equipment makes taking pictures easier than ever before, but capturing the soul of a place still requires collecting images that speak to the viewer.


September 24.

Browsing and newspapers abroad

The Internet can provide access to thousands of websites offering information about places around the planet.  Here's how to target a useful few. Check the local newspapers. For information: or


September 25.

Entranced by Istria

The northeast coast of the Adriatic Sea is one of Europe's most beguilingly complex and historically bewildering corners.  Consider the Peninsula of Istria.  For information:



September 26.

Time out in Trieste

Though part of Italy for nearly a century, the once international city of Trieste has a confused past and an idyllic setting. For information:


September 27.

A French twist

Montréal is often compared to Paris, sort of all things French on North America, but without quite as much attitude. There are similarities, but Montréal has an ambience that's all it's own. For information:


September 28.

Thailand trek

Once capital of the Kingdom of Lao, Chang Mai has become a destination of choice for travelers to southeast Asia. For information:


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