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Episodes for October 2007

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October 2007


October 1.

Telling tales in Jonesborough

Sit yourself down and listen to some terrific story tellers spin their tales at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.  FMI, call the Storytelling Foundation International at 800-952-8392 or


October 2.

Around the world in 80 days

This is the day when Phileas Fogg made his fateful wager with fellow members of London’s exclusive Reform Club.


October 3.

Yosemite off-season

There is no best time to visit a place like Yosemite.  Its awesome beauty and essential services are abundant the year around. FMI -


October 4.

The King Biscuit Blues Festival

Sonny Payne has been airing live Blues on the radio for 65 years.  This weekend, Helena Arkansas celebrates that heritage. FMI - Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival


October 5.

Checking out Kentuck Knob

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater is world-famous, but Southwest Pennsylvania has more of the Wright stuff to offer. FMI - Western Pennsylvania Conservancy or Kentuck Knob at


October 8.

Columbus Day in La Gomera

On his first voyage of discovery, Columbus landed at the Caribbean island of Dominica.  Here’s where that historic journey began.  FMI -


October 9

National historic sites

Since 1935 Congress has designated more than 130 locations across the US as national historic sites. This eclectic collection preserves the places and honors the people that helped shape the nation. FMI -


October 10

In the halls of fame

All across America, halls of fame celebrate individuals who contributed mightily to their field.  Here are several notable ones. FMI – For a comprehensive list of halls of fame


October 11

Changing money in South America

More travelers than ever are heading to Latin America for business, pleasure, and eco-adventures. Here are some economic expedients they should keep in mind.

FMI - South American Explorers at


October 12

Natchitoches pilgrimage

This weekend this historic Louisiana town opens the doors of its past to let visitors glimpse the ambience of a bygone era.  FMI –


October 15

Last-minute theater tickets

In many cities, travelers can enjoy a great evening of entertainment at about half the normal price. Tickets in New York City can even be cheaper. FMI –


October 16

Seeing Spanish Salamanca

Cervantes wrote, “Salamanca casts a spell on all those who have enjoyed its peacefulness, awakening the desire to return.”  Modern visitors will certainly agree. FMI -


October 17

The haunts of Harper’s Ferry

Wandering these historic streets is literally walking back in time, but this West Virginia town has a more spectral side. FMI -


October 18

Using a flash outdoors

Here’s advice on how to take the best picture when the sky is too bright or the shadows are too dark


October 19.

Stone Mountain Highland Games.

Georgia has many residents of Scottish descent, and this is the weekend they celebrate their heritage. FMI –


October 22

Lizard Island, Australia.

When it comes to exclusive getaways, this pristine preserve in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef is as good as it gets.  FMI –


October 23. 

Doing time in Tasmania

For a century Tasmania was the last stop of the British penal system, the Alcatraz of the Empire. FMI –


October 24.

Small London museums

London has many small, specialized, often quirky collections.  Here are five of particular note. FMI -


October 25. 

Nevada's lonely highways

Mention Nevada and most folks envision Las Vegas or Reno. But there's another, more traditional Nevada, far from the bright lights and crowded casinos. FMI –


October 26,

Finding peace in Kalaupapa

Molokai may not be Hawaii's most visited island, but America's most unique national park lies on its rugged, rugged northern shore. FMI -


October 29

Crater Lake restoration

The volcano that exploded 7500 years ago is now the deepest lake in the US and the seventh deepest lake in the world. FMI -


October 30.

Cellular strategies

Although cell phones have revolutionized travel, the realities of using them elsewhere can be exasperating and expensive.


October 31.

Count Dracula of Transylvania

Vlad Tepes was a 15th-Century count known for impaling his enemies on sharpened stakes. That was before he became a vampire. FMI - 


November 1.

Proof of citizenship

Never try to go abroad if your passport has less than 90 days validity on it, especially with tighter security being enforced around the world.  FMI –


November 2.

Obtaining a visa

Visas are endorsements issued by a country you want to visit giving you permission to enter. Not having one can delay your trip indefinitely. FMI –



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