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Episode for November 2007

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November 2007


November 5.

Adventure tour considerations

The last decade has seen a proliferation in the range of places that adventurous travelers can go and things they can do once they arrive. But don’t forget to pack some caution.


November 6.

Naples, the soul of Italy

Greek pioneers founded the city in 600 B.C. on the north shore of the broad day.  That makes the shin of the Italian boot.  FMI -


On November 7.

How they freeze your credit

As travelers stranded by unexpected events often discover sometimes getting cash can be hard.


November 8.

Plastic protection

Paying with a credit card provides recourse against transactions that go wrong, but only to a degree.


November 9.

Exploring the Dry Tortugas

Fly or sail 70 miles further west in the Gulf of Mexico from Key West, Florida, and you'll arrive at a striking string of seven sand keys.  FMI


November 12.

Music City's new tune

Nashville is known worldwide as the capital of country music, but it has plenty of other culture that doesn't involve a guitar.  MI –


November 13 in Natchez Trace

This two-lane, 400-mile long national park preserves a unique cross-section of America.  FMI –


November 14.

Cheap ski trips

A ski trip can be an expensive proposition.  Here's one way to keep costs down.  Have a hostile experience.  FMI -


November 15.

Getting into Idaho's hot springs

The gem State is well endowed with enough hot springs to keep a silk seeker busy every day of the year. FMI –  Search Hot Springs


November 16.

Are package tours good buys?

Inclusive package tours are supposed to lead booked itineraries youth, but do they?


November 19.

The cream of Devon

Much of England’s County Devon remains surprisingly wild for a place that has been inhabited since before the Bronze Age.  FMI –


November 20.

An excursion in Exmoor

On the north coast of Somerset in England's west country lies the British Isles’ largest national park. FMI -




November 21.

Two lads from Shropshire

Shrewsbury, the seat of County Shropshire, was for centuries a strategic English stronghold for clashes with nearby Wales. FMI -


November 22.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Today’s the 83rd edition of Broadway’s longest show, as the annual Turkey Day March down Broadway that ushers in the holiday season. FMI -


November 23.

Sunsets in Gustavia

The Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies has a well-deserved reputation as an exclusive expensive hideaway.  FMI –


November 26.

The Way of tea

Chado is a practice of high ideals involving religion, morality, aesthetics, philosophy, discipline and social relations.


November 27.

Lingering in Lichtenstein

Within this unique and tiny European national are snowy Alpine peaks and green meadows laced with many miles of hiking trails. FMI -


November 28,

Skiing the Laurentians

The mountains of Québec are known for their superb downhill skiing, but their cross-country possibilities are too often completely overlooked. FMI –  for Val David –  for Tremblant For La Sapiniere –


November 29.

Christmas in Amsterdam

The Dutch are known for their unique attitude about many aspects of life about many of life's aspects.  This time of year, that's especially evident.  FMI –


November 30.

European cultural capitals

Each year the EEU designates different cities as showcases of art and culture.  Consider Bruge, Belgium and Salamanca, Spain. FMI –  or

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