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Dec 4

The Christmas Markets of Germany

All across the countryside, German city squares fill with brightly decorated booths of the traditional Christmas markets. Here are several of particular note. FMI:


Dec 5

Gift-giving in Europe

The customs of presenting presents can vary dramatically from country to country, and the same item can have dramatically different messages.


Dec 6

Gift giving in the Far East

Giving the right present at the right time may be more important is Asia than anywhere in the world.


Dec 7

Gift giving in the Middle East

The emphasis of a gift is different in the Middle East, but in this season, all nations hope for the gift of peace.


Dec 8

Gift giving in Latin America

South of the border, a gift need not be as expensive as much as well chosen, recognizing the interest and taste of the recipient.


Dec 11

No innocence abroad

Even in this holiday season, no place on earth is free from rip-off artists, but pickpockets and con men pay particular attention to travelers.


Dec 12

Giving the gift of travel

There are myriad occasions for the giving of gifts, and more people are giving someone a special trip, and doing it new and creative ways.


Dec 13

Like water for chocolate

Chocolate is a way of life around the globe, but no place more than in Mexico, the land where it originated.


Dec 14

Reserving restaurants online

The Internet has revolutionized how people make their travel plans.  Ditto for the process of making restaurant reservations, both at home and away.   FMI: and


Dec 15

Observing Beethoven in Bonn

On December 17, 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the town of Bonn on the Rhine River.  FMI:


Dec 18

12 tips for Christmas trips

The next three weeks will be the busiest travel time of the year.  Here are some steps to insure that Santa’s helpers and their gifts arrive on time.


Dec 19

Tips for travelers to Japan

Japan can be a perplexingly foreign place for first time visitors.  Here is where to 25 informative tips for independent travelers.


Dec 20

Going underground down under

Cave lovers are thrilled with labyrinthine caves that lie under the Blue Mountains 100 miles southwest of Sydney, Australia.


Dec 21

Yapping it up

A tiny atoll pops out of the Pacific Ocean 500 miles southwest of Guam.  The four main Micronesian islands, Wa’ab, Maap, Rumung and Tomil-gagil are spaced among dozens of tiny islets.  FMI:


Dec 22

The Explorers Club

In 1904, an organization was founded to advance the field of scientific exploration.  Now the Explorers Club has chapters all over the world.  FMI:


Dec 25

Christmas menus around the world

Everywhere this holiday is celebrated, it is done with joy, generosity, and good food.  Here is what is being served today.


Dec 26

48 hours in Antwerp

Many travelers have found that there is more to Belgium’s second largest and most unconventional city.   FMI:


Dec 27

Dressing for the cold

Whenever you spend time in the cold, dressing properly is crucial for enjoying yourself.  Here is a quick look at the protection provided by some zippy synthetic fabrics.


Dec 28

The essential Grand Tetons

Other mountain ranges may be larger, higher, and snowier than these pointed peaks in northwest Wyoming. But few are as perfectly proportioned.  FMI:


Dec 29

The Mariner’s Museum in Newport News

Eighty years ago, Archer Huntington set out to “preserve the culture of the sea.”  His timing was excellent.  FMI:



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