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 November 2010







Oct 30

A clock for all time zones

Although Geochrons are analog in design, for travelers who love great gadgets, they’re timepieces without peer.  FMI:


Oct 31

Halloween in Salem

The events that took place here in 1692 are infamous, but this charming Massachusetts village has worn its witchy reputation well.  FMI:


Nov 1

Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Today and tomorrow the citizens of Mexico celebrate a holiday that blends pre-Columbian passions with Christian traditions.  FMI:


Nov 2

The rhythms of Brittany

This French province, which juts 150 granite ribbed, sandy shored miles into the Atlantic Ocean, has a flavor that’s all its own.  FMI:


Nov 3

The mystery of the mounds

The Mayan and Aztec ruins of Mexico are majestic, but North America has other pre-Columbian relics that are equally impressive.  FMI:


Nov 6

Having a hostel experience

Foreign travelers tend to be more comfortable than Americans with the notion of hostels, but this country has numerous youth hostels that offer excellent, price conscious overnight accommodations.  FMI:


Nov 7

A singular sense of style

Many great minds have revealed themselves in the homes they built. Fonthill, the creation of Henry Chapman Mercer is such a place.  FMI:


Nov 8

Exploring Torres del Paine

This wind-wild landscape in southern Chile where the Andes finally flatten and the Pampas peters out may be the planet’s most beautiful national park.  FMI:


Nov 9

Rental car repairs

Breakdowns of rental cars are relatively rare in the U.S. and Western Europe, but they do happen.  Here’s what to do.


Nov 10

Meeting manatees

These huge underwater herbivores are highly social beings.  As folks along the Crystal River along Florida’s Gulf Coast know, manatees also love to play.  FMI:


Nov 14

The lost legends of Hawaii

Many of Hawaii’s 53 state parks harbor hidden treasures, but many visitors are unaware they also preserve evidence of ancient cultures.  FMI:


Nov 15

Snorkeling in Hawaii

The colorful undersea life of the Hawaiian Islands can be surreal, but it’s not found everywhere.  Here are suggestions about where the snorkeling is best.  FMI:


Nov 16

Finding history on Nevis

A 36-square mile island in the eastern Caribbean, Nevis is a place where personal exploration is possible, private, and extremely pleasurable.  FMI:


Nov 17

Opening the Suez Canal

Although artificial waterways were cut through the isthmus of Suez nearly 4000 years ago, the opening of the present canal dates back to 1869.  


Nov 20

Remembering the “First Supper”

On this day in 1950, a New York businessman named Frank McNamara became the first diner to say, “Charge it.”  We recall the 60th anniversary of the credit card.


Nov 21

Two famous flight firsts

We celebrate anniversaries of two notable aeronautical achievements, the first flight in a hot air balloon and the first flight over the Pacific.


Nov 22

Cruise line escorts

Many cruise lines recruit gentlemen hosts who are willing to dance the night away in exchange for inexpensive passage.  FMI:


Nov 23

The voyage of the Mayflower

On September 16, 1620, a small ship slipped out of Plymouth Harbor, England for a 2700-mile voyage across a still largely unknown void.


Nov 24

Turkey for Thanksgiving

Istanbul, Turkey is a study only contrasts and the only city to have been capital of two of the world’s greatest empires.  FMI:


Nov 27

Lingering in Liechtenstein

Within this tiny European nation there are snowy Alpine meadows and green meadows laced with miles of marked hiking trails.  FMI:


Nov 28

Insider’s guide to Manhattan

New York City has plenty of permanent fixtures, but its “in” places are constantly changing.  FMI:


Nov 29

Making the most of connections

With the right attitude and planning, long layovers can be pleasurable diversions instead of time consuming hassles. 


Nov 30

Finding culture in Kurashike

The numerous small museums in this Japanese city half way between Kyoto and Hiroshima contain some real surprises.  FMI:


Dec 1

Money-wise in Montreal

In this second largest city in the French-speaking world, bohemians can live like bourgeois and travelers can live like royalty.  FMI:

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