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 October 2010






Oct 2

Embassies and consulates

The U. S. Department of State maintains embassies and consulates in major cities around the world.  One primary mission is to assist U. S. travelers in times of need.  FMI:


Oct 3

Serene in Sardinia

In addition to millennia of history, this rugged island of the coast of Italy boasts some of the Mediterranean’s cleanest, least crowded beaches.  FMI:


Oct 4

Alternative airports

Many cities have multiple airports, the big, new hub and smaller, older fields.  Flying to these other airports can often save travelers both time and money.


Oct 6

Charmed by Charleston

South Carolina’s oldest city perpetually ranks among America’s most mannerly places.  Life in Charleston is quaint, but it has not always been easy.  FMI:


Oct 9

National Historic Sites

Since 1935, Congress has designated more than 100 locations across the U. S. as national historic sites.  This eclectic collection preserves places and honors people that helped shape the nation.  FMI:


Oct 10

Stalking Stockholm

Though Sweden’s capital is draped cross 14 islands, bridges, tunnels, and ferries stitch it seamlessly into a sophisticated, sparkling singularity.  FMI:


Oct 11

Changing money south of the border

More travelers these days are heading to Latin America, for business, pleasure and eco-adventures.  Here are some economic expedients they should keep in mind.  


Oct 12

Ruining the places we love

Tourism has grown into one of the world’s top industries, but a tidal wave of travelers can inevitably changes a place, both for better and worse.


Oct 13

Louisiana Heritage Museum

Travelers interested in the Old South will find a pocket of the past preserved in the 450-acre collection of historic buildings and artifacts in Baton Rouge.  FMI:


Oct 16

Seeing Spanish Salamanca

Cervantes wrote, “Salamanca casts a spell on all who have enjoyed its peacefulness, awakening the desire to return.”  Modern visitors will concur.  FMI:


Oct 17

Making the most of a long weekend

In these days of too much work and too few workers, many people find it hard to take long vacations.  But most people can occasionally steal away for a long weekend.


Oct 18

Using a flash outdoors

Here’s advice on how to take the best pictures when the sky is too bright or the shadows too dark.


Oct 19

In the Pine Barrens of New Jersey

The 30 miles separating Philadelphia and Atlantic City are a surprisingly seductive expanse, a mysterious other-realm that has resisted centuries of civilization. FMI:


Oct 20

A visit to Isla de Coco

The world’s largest uninhabited island lies in the Pacific Ocean miles off the coast of Costa Rica.  A realm of steep peaks and impenetrable forests, it is the setting for the fictional Jurassic Park. FMI:


Oct 23

In Big Cypress Country

The entire southern tip of Florida is one vast wetland, a sodden prairie of saw grass and cattails dotted with stands of cypress and mangrove.

FMI: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary -

Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve -

Big Cypress National Preserve -


Oct 24

Standing on Mt. Sinai

According to the Bible, after the Israelites fled from their bondage in pharonic Egypt, they wandered to this rocky mountain in the southern desert where Moses received the Ten Commandments.  FMI:


Oct 25

The lonely highways of Nevada

Mention Nevada and most people envision the electric glitter of Las Vegas and Reno, but there’s another, more traditional Nevada far from the bright lights and crowded casinos.


Oct 26

Erie Canal anniversary

When New York State governor Dewitt Clinton cut the ribbon on the Erie Canal 185 years ago today, he change the course of American history.  FMI:

Oct 27

Barging on the canals of Ireland

The Shannon Erne Waterway is a 200-mile long artery the cuts across Ireland’s green heart, through quiet villages and past medieval ruins and sights few tourists ever see. FMI:

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