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Episodes for September 2010

 September 2010







Sept 4

Private rail travel

Private railroad cars once had the same cachet as private jets do today. Grand old rail cars are still available for those who want to take a really sentimental journey.  FMI:


Sept 5

City of the sea and mountains

Many great cities are stunningly situated by the sea, but Vancouver may be the least pretentious and most gregarious of them all.  FMI:


Sept 6

American travel fantasies

When one vacation ends, do you immediately start planning the next one? Studies show we fantasize more about taking vacations than any other activity.


Sept 7

Customs and duties

Most travelers buy things when overseas.  Here are some considerations to keep in mind when bringing those items back home.


Sept 8

Sending it all back home

Yesterday, we offered basic customs considerations. But what if what you buy something too big to bring home with you?


Sept 11

Repositioning cruises

Jet airline travel; has all but eliminated the trans-Atlantic cruise business, but every Spring and Fall, the number of trans-oceanic crossings swells.  FMI:



Sept 12

Superior Apostles

Lake Superior is the largest expanse of fresh water on Earth. The Apostle Islands are a most alluring necklace of green along its southern shore.  FMI: or


Sept 14

Appalachian reunion

The Appalachian Trail traverses 14 states, yet only about 400 hikers each year walk all of its 2167 miles. Those who do are changed by the experience, and many form friendships that last for life.  FMI:



Sept 15

The island of Lombok

Few travelers know about this lush little island just east of Bali, even though it offers better beaches, clearer waters and more colorful coral keys. FMI:


Sept 18

The waters of Kalovy Vary

A century ago, the rich and royal of Europe flocked to the resorts in the mountains of Bohemia.  The most fashionable of these was this enclave known in German as Karlsbad.  FMI:



Sept 20

Driving out of the USA

If you are planning to take your car outside of the U.S., check your insurance before you go.  Having the right coverage is crucial both north and south of the border.


Sept 21

AAA Privileges abroad

If you belong to AAA and will be driving in a foreign country, you may be entitled to similar services from the automobile club there.


Sept 22

Daring to enter Damascus

The capital of Syria may be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Isolated from modernizing influences for decades, it retains an authentically ancient feel.


Sept 25

Roadside markers

Many highways are studded with historical markers that offer insights about those who have gone before. These tablets can be a cure for the boredom of long drives.


Sept 26

Steel City Renaissance

Suggest Pittsburgh as a getaway destination and the uninformed chuckle. But visitors these days are surprised by the green and growing grace of this beautiful city. FMI:


Sept 27

Eat as the French do

Manners are a moveable morality often changing as a traveler crosses an international border.  Table etiquette is more than a matter of using the correct fork.  FMI:


Sept 28

Mellow in Middlebury

This Vermont village is an image from a New England postcard. It is also an ideal place for wandering, especially on a fine fall afternoon.  FMI:


Sept 29

A tidal wave of leafy color

The autumn transformation is one of nature’s most majestic displays. Watching the wave of color wash over North America would be a glory to behold.  FMI:

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