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August 2010






July 31

Cross Country Drive-aways

Some travelers want to have their own car where they’re going, but don’t want to drive. Others may like the drive but lack the wheel. Here’s a possible solution for both. 


Aug 1

Arizona’s San Pedro River

Down in Arizona’s southeast corner, there is a 58,000-acre preserve that the Nature Conservancy ranks among the “Last Great Places on Earth.”  FMI:


Aug 2

U.S. Geological Survey Charts

Many maps can help you find your way around the landscape, but maps that are based on the U.S. Geological Survey remain the best choice.  FMI:


Aug 3

Greetings from Greenland

Although it is the largest island on Earth, two thirds of Greenland lies north of the Arctic Circle and 85-percent of its surface is covered by ice up to 3000 feet thick. FMI:


Aug 4

Re-confirming air reservations

Re-confirming your return flight was once S.O.P. fr all trips, but with advance reservations and electronic ticketing, it is still wise to double check your departure information before heading to the airport.


Aug 7

Hints on haggling

Americans are used to paying fixed prices for things they buy, but commerce overseas can be more complicated. Those who can’t or won’t haggle may be seen as suckers.


Aug 8

Kaffee and Kuchen in Leipzig

Great strides have been made in the eastern part of Germany since the collapse of Communism.  No place is that more evident than in the city where the bloodless revolution began.  FMI:


Aug 9

Death in Vienna

For 5 centuries, thousands of Viennese notables were interred in catacombs under the city. These days, tourists pay to see their bones. 


Aug 10

Shining Schoenbrunn

Emperor Charles VI wanted to turn his hunting estate into an Austrian Versailles, but the work was done during the reign of his daughter, the Empress Maria Theresa.  FMI:


Aug 11

Monster Hunting on Lake Okanagan

This vast and beautiful body of water in the Canadian Rockies has a great climate and a mysterious creature. FMI:


Aug 14

Tracking Bengal Tigers

Panthera tigris tigris is the world’s largest feline. Only a few hundred remain.  To witness one in the wild is an experience most sublime.  FMI:


Aug 15

Alsatian Feast

Tucked between the Rhine River and hills and the Vosges, the Alsace has some of the best food and wine in France. At least that is what the New York Times venerable writer Johnny Apple thought. FMI:


Aug 16

Riding the Rhone

Flowing across the southeast corner of France, this river was the artery by which warm Latin influences permeated Europe’s Gallic heart.  Today the river is a veritable alimentary canal. FMI:


Aug 17

The Lure of Lyon

Although it is the second largest city in France, Lyon is often overlooked. But in its own, unasserted way, it is one of Europe’s great cities.  FMI: 


Aug 18

Giving it your best shot

Modern digital cameras make taking good photos easy.  Getting a great shot is another matter. That still takes an alert eye, the right light and a little luck.


Aug 21

Looking at Lanai

In 1987, a California entrepreneur bought the sixth largest island in Hawaii.  Instead of cultivating pineapples, he decided to cultivate luxury.  FMI:


Aug 22

Hawaii’s most off-beat island

The Pacific Ocean has a new place to call paradise. Long off-limits to visitors, Midway Atoll is an exotic destination par excellence. FMI:


Aug 23

Weddings at sea

There has been a surge in the number of couples tying the knot on a cruise.  Most big liners can make arrangements; many even have dedicated wedding chapels.


Aug 24

A vacation to build on

Organized by Habitat for Humanity, Project Global Village puts people who want to help in places where their help is sorely needed. FMI:


Aug 25

A flight around the world

If you are planning a journey that involves flights to three or more counties, the least costly route may circle the globe.


Aug 28

The stay-home syndrome

As professional actors sometimes suffer stage fright, even seasoned travelers are occasionally struck an overwhelming urge to stay put.


Aug 29

Tips on touring Toronto

The name Toronto derives from the Huron Indian name for “meeting place.” That’s an apt description for Canada’s largest city.  FMI:


Aug 30

The petroglyphs of Peterborough

Generations of Ojibwa shamans gouged animal images into the huge white marble mound in Ontario.  It is one of the largest rock-carving sites in North America. FMI:


Aug 31

Sunrise at Campobello

Franklin D. Roosevelt was one year old when his parents first took him to this tiny island in the Bay of Fundy.  For those who cherish the memory of F.D.R., it has long been a place of pilgrimage.  FMI:


Sept 1

Hiking the coast of Cornwall

The Penwith Peninsula on England’s southwest corner is a rugged, isolated place of windswept headland, steep sea cliffs, and narrow white sand beaches.  FMI:



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