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July 3

Part time tour guides

With one baby boomer turning 60 every 7 seconds, the future of group travel looks very bright. In fact, group trips these days are often organized by enterprising amateurs.  FMI:


July 5

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail

Skagway is a quiet, frontier settlement on a narrow bay in Alaska’s panhandle. A century ago, it was boomtown.  FMI:


July 6

Quebec City Summer Music Fest

The most French city west of Paris, Quebec’s narrow streets are ideal for strolling, especially during its summer music festival.  FMI:


July 7

Checking out city discount programs

Cost-conscious travelers can buy city coupon books and discount cards that can stretch their travel budgets.  Here are several of note.  FMI:,,


July 10

A place in the country

People can be passionate about their other home, whether it's a cabin in the woods or cottage on the shore. But truth be told, it can often be a love/hate relationship.


July 11

Ten top train trips

Even as railroads struggle to compete with airlines, venerable rail routes across the country are gaining as travel attractions.  Here’s a short list.


Royal Scotsman:

Eastern and Orient Express:

India Pacific:

South Africa Rovos Rail:

Bernina Express:

Sierra Madre Express:

Amtrak Adirondack:


Durango Silverton:


July 12

Falling in love on Lake Como

Dolce fare niente, the Italian toast observes, “It is sweet to do nothing.” There’s no more romantic place to do nothing, especially on a summer afternoon.  FMI -


July 13

Reliving a Roman Holiday

When Billy Wilder made his 1953 classic “Roman Holiday,” he created a celluloid monument that still attracts admirers to the Eternal City.  


July 14

Euro strategies

As the Euro plummets in value, many American travelers are discovering how much further their dollars can take them on the continent this summer. But bargains are not to be found in every corner.


July 17

Sailing on the Heritage

Looking for a gentle ocean adventure? Try a ship of Maine’s Windjammer Association.  Most are old working schooners. One was built especially for passengers.  FMI:


July 18

Passing time in Provincetown

Cape Cod has been a place of escape since the Pilgrims landed. This town on the Cape’s tip is where the sophisticated come to be rustic.  FMI:


July 19

Harmony in the Inner Hebrides

A low-lying archipelago off Scotland’s west coast, the islands of the Inner Hebrides are places of great beauty and soulful emptiness.  FMI:,, Distilleries:,


July 20

Slideshows in cyberspace

A growing number of cyber-savvy travelers are using the Web to tell friends, family, and the whole wide world about their journeys.  FMI:,


July 21

Amazing mazes

Is it a reaction to high-tech attractions that old-fashioned diversions like garden mazes are making a comeback?  FMI:


July 24

In Westminster Abbey

If London is the heart of Britain, Westminster Abbey is the heart of London.  FMI:


July 25

In Churchill’s War Room

D-Day took place in Normandy, but the plans for history’s most massive military assault were drawn up in a cramped bunker under central London.  FMI:


July 26

National Trust Rentals

For travelers who crave the unusual in the way of accommodations, Britain’s National Trust has much to offer.  FMI:, for Jewels of Britain:


July 27

Where the right side is wrong

In 51 countries, people drive on the left.  Here are tips for travelers who get confused when the traffic coming from a different direction.


July 28

Travel etiquette

More than ever, travel creates close quarters among complete strangers and the opportunity for close encounters of the annoying kind. That is precisely when having good travel manners matters most.





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