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Episodes for December 2007

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December 2007


December 3.

Riding rickshaws

People have been link cards for millennia, but it wasn't until 1870 in English missionary living in Japan perfected the idea. For More information: “Chasing Rickshaws” by Tony Wheeler is available at


December 4.

Green Globes of Negril

The Green Globe is an international certification program that identifies travel companies who placed a priority on preserving the environment.  For More information:


December 5.

Passing time in Palenque

A thousand years ago, the steamy jungles and volcanic mountains of the Yucatán Peninsula were the heart of the Mayan civilization. For More information:


December 6.

Shopping 101

Beautiful items bought on a trip make wonderful momentos, but seen in the sober light of home, some must-have purchases turn out not to have been such good deals.


December 7.

National D-Day Museum

On this anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the national D-Day Museum in New Orleans unveils a permanent display. For More information:


December 10.

Tips on traveling together

Kipling observed that “He travels fastest travels alone,” but having a good traveling companion often offers many benefits.


December 11.

Tips on traveling alone

Would you still take the trip of your dreams if you had to go alone?  We offer suggestions for anyone with qualms about venturing out without a partner.


December 12.

Cut the cost of solo travel

“Price is based on double occupancy” is a phrase all too familiar to anyone who travels alone.  Unfortunately, all, solo journeys can cost a lot more. For companies that cater to solo travelers: Saga Holidays (, Grand Circle Travel (, Elderhostel (, Backroads (


December 13.

Hilltop reverie

Eggarton Hill in County Dorset  is the epitome of England, a landscape that makes even strangers feel right at home. For More information:


December 14.

Ski lines, online

The Internet can bring a blizzard of information on ski areas and snow conditions to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. For More information:,,,,


December 17.

Off Road on Hawaii's Big Island

A Connecticut-sized micro-continent with slices of 12 of the earth's 14 climactic regions, the big island of Hawaii is really big. For More information:


December 18.

Interlude with the Cree

The low, boggy forest s along the edge of James and Hudson Bay in northern Canada is one of earth's largest wetlands.  There is nothing virtual about it. For More information: Tuckamor Tours  819-326-3602 or CreeAdventures


December 19.

Where whale watching is best

To see cetaceans court, calf, feed and frolic, you must travel to their natural habitats.  The worldwide World Wildlife Fund offers these tips.


December 20.

Underground going underground Downunder

Cave lovers are thrilled with the caverns under the Blue Mountains, 100 miles west of Sydney Australia. For More information:


December 21

On Margarita Island

This 400-square-mile island just off the northeast coast of Venezuela is a place that could pass for Paradise. For More information:


December 24.

Around the world in a night

Just the day before Christmas, and all through the place, Asians are being made for the nocturnal race.



December 25.

Christmas at Clayton

The Pittsburgh home of industrialist Henry Clay Frick is the most complete, Victorian residence in the country, especially when decorated for the season. For More information:


December 26.

The Palace at Hampton Court

The great estate on the Thames River 12 miles upstream from London is where English monarchs held court for centuries.  For More information:


December 27.

Camera film and x-ray security

Since 9/11, airport metal detectors and x-ray scanners crank up to the max.. Unfortunately, they can definitely ruin your vacation memories. For More information:



December 28.

Doing laps in Lapland

These are dark days in Hammerfest, Norway.  Well north of the Arctic Circle, the long night of winter here lasts for 67 days. For More information



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