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June 2010








June 5

The peak of the planet

Most people think Mt. Everest is the highest place on Earth, but it’s a geographic misconception.


June 6

Spring time in Helsinki

Though a tough and practical people, Finns have a love of nature, sense of style, and appreciation of beauty. The national capital reflects that national character.  FMI:


June 7

Cruising by freighter

Notions about that slow boat to China should be revised. Many ocean-going freight lines accept passengers at daily rates that make them ocean-going bargains.  FMI:


June 8

Taking time at Taliesin

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born this day in 1867.  We visit his home in the rolling green hills of southwest Wisconsin.  FMI:


June 9

The canyons of Utah

Most travelers know about Arizona’s Grand Canyon.  Fewer have found two other national parks further up the Colorado River, in Utah’s southeast corner.  FMI:


June 12

America’s railway treasures

The US has dozens of live steam train lines that let curious travelers experience an earlier era of transportation.  Here are several of note.

FMI: Durango Silverton Railroad

Cass Scenic Railroad

East Broadtop

Strasburg Rail Road

Valley Railroad



June 13

European rail passes

In Europe, trains are often still the best way to get from city center to city center, especially if you have a pass.  FMI:


June 14

The walled city of Carcassonne

One of the most magnificent medieval bastions in France lies in the dry, stony foothills 40 miles from the Mediterranean coast.  FMI:


June 15

Fremantle, Australia

Jaunty and kinetic with wide “kerbs” and restored Victorian buildings, “Freo” is a well-preserved 19th century maritime town.  FMI:



June 19

A climbing experience

Rock climbing is reaching new heights. Here’s are glimpses of four great heights for novice climbers to scale. 


June 20

The lure of Limerick

Best known for its doggerel and lace, this seaport on the Shannon River has other charms, not least of which are its many historic sites.  FMI:

June 23

Looking at lucky charms

Long before Freud traced travel anxiety to a childish terror, travelers have been finding ways to calm their fears.


June 26

Alberta’s Icefields Parkway

Provincial Route 93, one of North America’s most scenic highways, crosses Banff and jasper national Parks and crests the Continental Divide.  FMI:


June 27

Gates of the Arctic

Just inside the Arctic Circle, 8.5 million wilderness acres of the north central Brooks Range have been set aside for the benefit of future generations. FMI:


June 28


Once known as Salonika, the second largest city of Greece lies in a sheltered harbor on the northern shore of the Aegean Sea.  FMI:


June 29

Skating Holland

With 6000 miles of paved paths in a pancake flat country half the size of Indiana, Holland also offers roller-blading adventures aplenty.  FMI:



June 30

Getting cash out of town  

With an ATM card, getting cash from a machine on the other side of the world can be as easy as getting it on the other side of town.

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