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Episodes for May 2010

May 2010







May 1

A Town Named Jefferson

Norman Rockwell would have felt right at home in this venerable town on the eastern edge of Texas. FMI –


May 2

Visiting Vietnam (Saigon)

In the 35 years since the fall of Saigon, the city has shed its sandbag shell.  Travelers today can appreciate its beauties unblended by the cataracts of memory.  FMI


May 3

Visiting Vietnam (Hanoi)

The heart of Vietnam resides in a thousand-year-old city on the broad, inland plain of the Red River delta.  FMI -


May 4

Visiting Vietnam (Sa Pa)

The country has been indelibly altered by its 20th-century tribulations, but at least one cool corner of the old Vietnam persists.  FMI -


May 8

In Praise of Tourism

This is the start of National Tourism Week, the 27th annual salute to the power of travel in America.  FMI –


May 9

Enjoying a Cup of Tea

From its earliest roots in the hills of China 4700 years ago, the branches of the camellia senensis have encompassed the earth.


May 10

About Portugal’s Green Coast

Many consider the Minho, a lush region along the Atlantic coast, to be the most beautiful part of this exceedingly beautiful nation.  FMI –


May 11

Meandering in Mumbai

Once known as Bombay, this megacity on India’s western cost is a brash, bustling, mercantile place of more than 20 million inhabitants.  FMI –


May 12

Grabbing a Group Fare

Planning a trip with 10 or more friends or family members? Significant savings are available if you can coordinate your travel schedules.


May 15

Alleviating Air Delays

While no one can control bad weather, steps are continually taken to ease the schedule snafus it causes.


May 16

Weathering the storm

Most travelers shun violent weather, but author Ray Bradbury wasn’t one of them. 


May 17

Mount Saint Helens Revisited

30 years ago tomorrow morning, a 10,000-foot-high peak in central Washington disappeared in an instant.  FMI –


May 18

The Sights of South Dakota

Frank Lloyd Wright described this landscape as “a mysterious otherwhere, ethereal, touched with a sense and silhouette.”  Here’s why.



May 19

Bonanzaville, USA

Many of North Dakota’s rural residents moved to cities.  Much of what they left behind has found its way to an eclectic, 12-acre museum on the fringe of Fargo.  FMI -


May 22

Milking Cows in Paradise

Does rising at 5 a.m. to tend to chores sound like a vacation to you?  To thousands of visitors to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania it does.  FMI –


May 23

Doing a Dude Ranch

The popularity of dude ranches is on the increase.  Several hundred are spread across U.S. and Canada.  FMI –


May 24 

Rocky Mountain Retreats

Some guest ranches let tenderfeet try to be buckaroos, but other lodgings across the Rocky Mountains cater to a more comfort-seeking crowd.  FMI - Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch -

The Teton Treehouse -

The Blue Lake Ranch -


May 25

In search of greener golf

The total acreage covered by golf courses in the U.S. is larger than the state of Rhode Island.  It’s also some of the intensely cultivated land around.  FMI -


May 26

Hidden auto rental costs

Too often, the biggest surprise when renting a car is the final bill. Here are tips to help avoid that shock.


May 29

Seeing Santiago

The recent earthquake notwithstanding, Chile is South America’s most vibrant nation. That is evident in Santiago, its capital, largest city and economic, cultural, and geographic center.  FMI –


May 31

Passports past

The history of travel papers is as old as the history of national borders. We identify some high points of the process. 


June 1

A Cape Cod alternative

A snub-nosed, granite-graveled peninsula 50 miles north of Boston has fired the imaginations of painters Winslow Homer and Fitz Hugh Lane.  FMI –


June 2

Medical insurance abroad

Even experienced travelers have accidents and medical emergencies. Will your medical insurance cover you in the places you’re going?


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