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April  2010







April 3

Doing the DMZ

The great glacier of the Cold War has retreated from many places on the planet, but not everywhere.  The Demilitarized Zone that separates the two Koreas may be earth’s most fortified swatch of land.  FMI -


April 4

Spending Easter on Easter Island

On this day in 1722 a Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen happened on this previously unknown island in the Pacific Ocean, 2300 miles west of South America.


April 5

Avoiding spring break downs

Millions of undergraduates will take spring breaks.  Most will have a great time, but too many of them come home bummed out by more than bad weather.  FMI - Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center 


April 6

Europe’s high-speed rail links

The countries of Western Europe have all made steady progress constructing high-speed rail systems, but the U.S. just can’t seem to get rolling. FMI - 


April 7

Biltmore’s spring beauties

In 1874, when George Washington Vanderbilt started constructing a 250-room chateaux in the mountains near Asheville, NC, it was the largest private home in the U.S.  It still is.  FMI –

April 10

In search of inner peace

Across America and around the world, many spiritual communities offer travelers the prospect of peace and direction.  Here’s a sampling on inner sanctums.  

FMI – Daylesford Abbey (,

Kripalu (,

Dai Bosatsu Zendo (,

Holy Cross Monastery (,

Monastery of Christ in the Desert (,

Nada Hermitage (

Arcosanti (


April 11

Virtual Museums

Most museums Web sites tell you about their treasures, but a variety of top museums provide stunning details of their masterpieces at the click of a mouse.  FMI –

The Hermitage –

The Prado –

Galleria degli Uffizi –

Musee du Louvre –

National Gallery (London) –

Tate Gallery –

Natl. Gallery of Art –

Museum of Modern Art –

Whitney Museum –

Metropolitan Museum –

Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) –

Cleveland Museum of Art –

Carnegie Museum of Art –

Detroit Inst of Fine Arts –

Walker Arts Center –

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco –

Getty Museum – 


April 12

Footloose in Friesland

The canals of Holland were once the best way to get around. In some ways, they still are. You can rent a house boat by the day, week, or month. FMI -



April 13

Nelson County, Virginia

Each Spring, the eastern foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains turn white as thousands of acres of apple trees come into bloom. FMI -


April 14

Going underground in Virginia

No one really knows how many caves there are along the base of the Blue Ridge, but we look into eight that have been turned into tourist attractions.



April 18

Where service is supreme

Spending a few days at a tennis resort can be a great way to give your game a “quick fix” or elevate it to a higher level.  FMI -


April 20

Seeing the country on foot 

A walking tour can help orient first time visitors and give veteran travelers a fresh look at a familiar city. 


April 24

Bringing home good videos

A good video can bring your travel experience to life; a bad one can put your audience to sleep. We offer some suggestions.


April 25

As Others See Us

Millions of foreign visitors flock to the U.S. each year, but what are their expectations? What foreign guides books have to say offer some clues.


April 26

In the forest of the Brothers Grimm

Though not well known to foreigners, an 800-square mile area east of Frankfurt remains one of Germany’s most picturesque and legend shrouded regions.  FMI – 


April 27

The risks of amusements

Across America amusement parks are prepping for the 2010 summer season, oiling old rides and rushing to finish new ones.  But how safe are they?


April 28

An astronomical vacation

During a visit to Kitt’s Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, amateur astronomers can get an insider’s view of the latest cosmic revelations.  FMI – 


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