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March 2010









March 6

In the Anza-Borrego Desert

Most of the year, this empty expanse east of San Diego is a most muted palette. Spring rains transform this crown of thorns into a carpet of blossoms.  FMI -


March 7

Al Gore Mounts Rainier

The vice-president and Nobel Prize winner will always remember his climb of this storied peak in Washington State.  FMI


March 8

Short Wave Radio Week

Even in this interconnected age, short wave radios can be a great way to find out what’s happening in distant places.  FMI -


March 9

Familiar Voices in Foreign Places

To find English radio when overseas, you can tune into the stations of the Armed Forces Radio Network. FMI -


March 10

Making Friends Abroad

Getting to know residents of places you visit can create warm feelings and happy memories.  Here are several programs which can help.  FMI - or


March 13

Doint the Island of Dominica

Many folks confuse the Caribbean island of Dominica with the Dominican Republic, but more adventurous travelers are discovering the differences.  FMI -



March 14

Portfolio of Paris

With the Seine flowing like a love line across its open palm, Paris exudes elegant art and architecture from every pore.  Author Elizabeth Berg beholds it for the first time. FMI -



March 15

Skiing the Portes du Soleil

The world’s largest linked ski area lies in the Alps near Lake Geneva.  It joins a dozen small resorts along a 25-miles stretch of the Swiss/French border. FMI -


March 16

See How Spot Goes

So many travelers want to take furry loved ones on vacation, hotels and motels are putting out welcome mats for convivial canines and friendly felines. FMI –


March 17

The Place Patrick Called Home

For 30 years St. Patrick roamed the Emerald Island making converts to Christianity, but he always returned to the village of Saul where he died and was buried.  FMI –


March 20

In Nefertari’s Tomb

Ramses the Second ruled the kingdom of Thebes 3200 years ago.  He had 40 wives but only one stands beside him etched in stone on the façade of the Temple of Abu Simbel.



March 21

River City Renaissance

Many cities and towns along the Ohio River have seen hard times, but they’re back and brighter than ever. Consider the tri-state region that centers on Cincinnati.  FMI –



March 22

Taking a Shower in Angel Falls

Lying at the northern edge of Venezuela’s Devil’s Mountain is the 3200-foot high Angel Falls.  The world’s longest waterfall, it’s 5 times higher than Niagara.  FMI –


March 23

Outlook on Ottawa

Though it’s been the capital of Canada for over 150 years, Ottawa still struggles to define its identity. It feels like a small town, but with big city sophistication. FMI – or



March 24

A Traveler’s Journal

Planning a big trip? Keeping a journal can help you prepare for the journey, stay organized while away, and make it easy to re-live the experience when you get home.  And there are so many ways to do it these days.


March 27

On the Trail of Robin Hood

Some 700 years ago in the rolling English dales north of London, the mysterious Earl of Huntingdon led a guerilla rebellion against the King.  FMI -


March 28

Black Rock’s Burning Man

A huge valley in Nevada’s northwest corner is one of the largest, flattest, emptiest places on Earth.  It’s also become the American capital of weirdness. FMI – or or



March 29

The Inns of the South

Gracious hospitality was a characteristic of the Old South.  The tradition endures in dozens of historic inns.  Here are three of the most notable.  FMI,,




March 30

Seeing the Sahara by Camel

Several tour operators now offer short excursions into the mighty Sahara, but getting really personal with the desert still requires an expedition. FMI – or


March 31

April Fools! It’s the Weather

Wise travelers always bring along plenty of reading material and maintain a healthy attitude when it comes to “Singin in the Rain.”


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