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February 2010







January 31.

Bicycling through Britain

New long-distance bicycle routes make it easier than ever to explore this Sceptered Isle on two wheels. FMI –


February 1

Groundhog Day

In 1886, the Punxsutawney Spirit reported that several of its residents had climbed to the top of a nearby knoll to consult with a prognosticating groundhog.  The tradition continues tomorrow. FMI –


February 2.

Corsica: the Isle of Beauty

Looking for an affordable Mediterranean refuge?  Consider this 50 mile x 100 mile wide island south of Genoa, west of Rome.  FMI -


February 3.

Dreams of Paradises Lost: Kashmir

30 years ago this verdant valley in the Himalayan foothills was a veritable Shangri-La. Today it's an absolute no-go area for foreigners and residents alike.


February 4.

Do your homework before you go

Whenever you cross the border into a foreign country, it’s important to remember that much more than currency, food and language can change.


February 7.

In Maeve Binchy’s Dalkey

Set on the Irish coast of just south of Dublin, Dalkey is a village of winding roads and irregularly shaped houses.  For author Maeve Binchy, it has always been home.  FMI –


February 8

A twice daily deliverance

This Monday addition of The Traveler's Journal is dedicated to everyone who gets up in the morning and goes to work each day.


February 9.

The wilds of New Zealand – Part One

The islands of New Zealand are unique in all the world.  Though mankind has wrought many changes, great tracts of land remained largely untouched.  FMI –


February 10.

The wilds of New Zealand – Part Two

When Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand in the year 1642, he first met its natives and a large bay that was then and still is a most beguiling place.  FMI – 


February 11.

B&B Q&As

By their very nature, small inns tend to be unique places, which can be part of their charm.  Finding one that suits your style and taste can be a hit or miss affair.  FMI –,


February 14.

The world's best beaches

Somewhere over the rainbow, there is a stretch of sand, perfectly suited to your particular style and interests.  We offer a few suggestions. 


February 15.

Presidential visits

When you come to Washington, DC, you're still welcome at the White House.  There's no charge to get in, but the lines can be very long and the tickets go quickly. FMI-


February 16.

Staying at Japanese ryokan

Steeped in the elegance of pure simplicity, these uniquely Japanese inns require travelers to leave their Western expectations at the door, along with their shoes.


February 17.

A guidebook history

Herodotus, a Greek scholar who lived five centuries before Christ, wrote the first history of the Western civilization.  He may also be the father of the travel guide.


February 18.

Beware cut-rate travel deals

When it comes to evaluating unsolicited travel offers received by mail, phone, fax, e-mail, or the Internet, the best advice is still, "Buyer beware!" FMI -



February 21.

Exploring the Turks and Caicos

This low-lying archipelago of some 40 lightly inhabited islands just off the tip of the Bahamas is a dream come true for romantics who would like a paradise to themselves.  FMI –


February 22.

Something left behind

Sometimes when something about a particular location truly speaks to you, it may also demand a sacrifice in return.


February 23

Getting to know Kraków

After more than a century of hard winters and autocratic rule, Kraków, Poland is regaining some of its former glory.  FMI –


February 24.

The American Birkebeiner

At 11:15 this Saturday morning in a small Wisconsin town, a sampling of the world's top cross-country skiers will set off on a 52 km – race through the woods. FMI -


February 25.

Skiing hut to hut

Backcountry ski huts across North America can provide a wintry access to some very unpeopled parcels of paradise.  Here's where to find them. FMI –,,


February 28.

In the gardens of Filoli

Over a century ago, a San Francisco water baron build a baronial mansion.  Today, you're welcome to drop in for a visit whenever you're in the area.  FMI -


March 2.

Snowmobiling in the Bitterroots

Here's a way adventurous travelers can get up close and personal with the Rocky Mountains in wintertime: riding a snowmobile. FMI -


March 3.

Making Foreign Reservations

The best way to make reservations at many foreign hotels and restaurants is to contact them directly. Here’s how.


March 4

Making houses from hay bales

The first little piglet would have done better against the big bad wolf’s breathy blasts if he had he attended one of these weeklong workshops on how to make a house out of straw.  FMI -


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