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November 2009







November 1

Cave-hopping in the Dordogne

Just east of Bordeaux, France there’s a 60-square-mile medieval movie set named after the lazy river that runs through it.  FMI -


November 2.

Getting lost in the Humboldt

The Lost Coast of northern California stretches for 60 stunning miles along the Pacific a 5-hour drive north of San Francisco. It is a world unto itself.  FMI –


November 3.

Going to Kansas City

Kansas City got its start in the 1820s as a fur trading post on the Missouri River.  It’s seen some trying times since then, but it's flourishing once again. FMI -



November 4.

In the city of the ages

The epicenter of three major religions, the old city of Jerusalem is easily the world's most sacred square-mile.


November 5.

Don't drink the water

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than taking a sip in the wrong place.  Here's where the bad water is a problem and what to do about it. Oral rehydration salt recipe: ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp. baking soda, 4 tsps sugar – mix with 1 quart boiled or carbonated water and drink 8 ounces after each episode of diarrhea.


November 8.

Chilling on the lakes of Chile

Set on the western slope of the Andes, Chile's Lake District has often been compared to the Alps of Switzerland. FMI –


November 9.

Around the world with Nellie Bly

120 years ago this Saturday, a young woman boarded a steamship in New York Harbor embarking on the journey of her lifetime.


Nov 10

The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

On this morning in 1975, a Great Lakes freighter sailed east from Superior, Wisconsin heading for Detroit.  She never arrived. FMI –


November 11

Hotel classifications

There is no common standard of quality for hotels around the world. First class doesn't mean the same thing everywhere.


November 12

Hotel guidebooks

As we heard last time, there are many different hotel classifications systems in use around the world.  To prevent a nasty surprise, it takes a good guide.


November 15.

Skiing indoors in Tokyo

The country of Japan offers some fine mountain skiing, yet its most unique downhill opportunity is situated in a Tokyo suburb.


November 16.

Rounding the Big Bend of Texas

Landscapes can be a traveler’s treat.  Consider the desert.  If you've seen one, well, no, you haven't seen them all. FMI –


November 17.

Vintage Baedeckers

In 1828, a young German printer published a guidebook to the Rhine River Valley.  The 40 or so vintage guides he prepared after that have become pricey travel collectibles.


November 18.

Chartering a yacht

Just like renting a beach cottage, chartering an oceangoing yacht can make a great group or family vacation, but you have to know the ropes. FMI –


November 19.

Travel information by phone or modem

Planning a trip abroad?  Here are some places to find reliable, up-to-date facts about the countries you'll be visiting. FMI – or


November 22.

How to meet the locals

Meeting people on their own terms can make any trip more rewarding and travel memories that last a lifetime. FMI – , ,


November 23.

Taking a supermarket tour

Spending half an hour in the neighborhood grocery store may reveal more realities about a culture than a week of sightseeing.


November 24.

The 10 Commandments of travel

No matter where you go or what you do, certain maxims always ring true.  Let's call them a traveler’s 10 Commandments.


November 25.

Neither here nor there

Ever sat on a beautiful beach and spent your time worrying about something back home?  It can be difficult to enter the relaxation mode.


November 26

Thanksgiving thoughts on hosts and guests

More than half of the 500 million leisure trips Americans take every year are to visit friends and family.  Here are tips to make sure you don't overstay your welcome.


November 29.

Shopping tips for travelers

Many travelers will use their trips abroad to buy gifts for those back at home.  That can be a good idea, but keep these pointers in mind.


November 30.

Things not to buy on vacation

Just because an item is sold legally abroad does not mean that can be legal to bring it back home.  Here are some errors to avoid.


December 1.

Customs area questions

The rules and regulations about customs can be confusing.  Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.


December 2.

Calling on the ports of Paradise

Hawaiian cruises provide a good way to experience several islands with convenience and comfort.


December 3.

Going native on Kauai

Early missionaries had good reasons when they warned visitors to be aware of this island's seductive exoticism.  FMI –

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