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October 2009







October 4.

A sampler of fall foliage

All across America, autumn arrives in a blaze of color.  Ephemeral russets and electric yellows adorn our nation's forests.  Here are the foliage weblinks and phone numbers for more information about the splendid colors of the autumn in states across the USA and Canada. Websites are hotlinked.

US Forest Services: 1-800-354-4595 (nationwide hotline)
Arkansas 1-800-628-8725
California 1-877-225-4367
Colorado 1-800-265-6723
Connecticut 1-888-CTVisit
Illinois 1-800-2CONNECT
Maine 1-800-533-9595 (press 3)
Massachusetts 1-800-227-MASS. Also check out 100 things to do in Massachusetts from RV Lifestyle
Michigan 1-888-784-7328
Minnesota 1-800-657-3700
Missouri 1-800-519-2100
Montana 1-800-847-4868
New Hampshire 1-800-258-3608
New Hampshire — White Mountains
New York 1-800-225-5697
North Carolina 1-800-847-4862
Ohio 1-800-BUCKEYE
Pennsylvania 1-800-325-5467
Quebec 1-800-363-7777
Tennessee 1-800-697-4200
Texas 1-800-888-8839
Vermont 1-800-828-3239
West Virginia 1-800-225-5982


October 5.

The inns of Lake Massawippi

Lake Massawippi lies just north of the Vermont border, 90 miles southeast of Montréal in a part of Québec known as the Eastern townships.  Great in any season, it’s particularly fantastic in the fall.


October 6.

Places of a lifetime

The editors of National Geographic Traveler Magazine pulled hundreds of prominent travelers and selected 50 places all curious voyagers should visit in their lifetime.


October 7.

Special places, special writers

The editors of National Geographic Traveler Magazine asked a group of special people to wax poetic about places in their heart.  The contributor list is very impressive.


October 8.

Block Island off-season

Block Island is a pork chop shaped wedge of sand off the coast of Rhode Island in the mouth of Long Island Sound.  The fall is a very good time to visit.


October 11.

Seeing DC, beyond the Mall

For most Americans, our nation's capital is the great Mall, with its myriad magnificent monuments and edifying edifices.  Yet DC has other treasures to enjoy.


October 12.

Jimmy Breslin's Greenwich Village

For 40 years, New York City was the beat of Pulitzer prize-winning newspapermen Jimmy Breslin.  For him its essence was evidence evident in its Greenwich Village neighborhood.


October 13.

Fetching e-mail from afar

Going overseas?  Even if you're not taking your laptop along, it's easy to find a computer and check your e-mail.  If you know what to do.


October 14.

Story Musgrave's space

Poet, painter, surgeon, statistician, mathematician, chemist, physician and astronaut, Story Musgrave is a man of many talents.  He shares his personal vision of a memorable moment in space.


October 15.

Contrarian travel

There's a common opinion that no places quite as good as it once was or will be worth visiting at all in another year or two.  But hogwash is still hogwash, even if delivered by someone whose opinions you might otherwise trust.


October 18.

The Blue Plaques of London

Blue historical plaques mark the houses where numerous London notables once lived.  Here's a guide to finding them. FMI –


October 19.

Bill McKibben's Kerala

For Bill McKibben, author of numerous books on society and the environment, the Indian state of Karela is a very easy place to just sit back and enjoy.


October 20.

Ships that follow the sun

Few passengers ships still span the open ocean on regular schedules, but twice a year, repositioning cruises offers special options. FMI –


October 21.

Sail cruising

Wind powered vessels provide a different, more immediate cruise experience and call on smaller ports that larger vessels never visit.


October 22.

Surviving seasickness

This week we've been sailing the seas.  One nasty side effect can be a case of mal de mer from which even experienced sailors sometimes suffer.


October 25.

The mummies of Irian Jaya

If you're an adventurous traveler who enjoys being the first on the block to go someplace, this large island just north of Australia may be the place you’ve been looking for.


October 26.

Cousteau's New Guinea

The coral reefs off Papua, New Guinea are among the Earth's most beautiful and biologically diverse and least damaged.


October 27.

Gianluigi Colalucci’s Vatican

For 15 centuries, the Vatican has been the heart of the Catholic world and its 14 museums are just packed with treasures.  For over 34 years, Gianluigi Colalucci was its chief restorer of art.


October 28.

A host of haunted hotels

A good ghost story gives a hotel a special flavor, and those that have them like to spook their guests with tales of love and heartbreak, tragedy and revenge. FMI – 


October 29.

On a graveyard tour

Old cemeteries, especially those with illustrious occupants, are magnets that attract many travelers.  We offer a selection of the most notable.


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