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September 2009







September 6.

A selection of superb spas

Whether for an hour or a week, a visit to a health spa has a way of changing one's outlook on life.  It's a vacation with staying power.


September 7.

America's county seats

The center of the local civic activity, county seats come in all sizes.  Their courthouses are a particular point of interest to many travelers. We take a Labor Day look.


September 8.

Cruising through the heart of Europe

When it opened a decade ago, the Main-Danube Canal was the first continuous water link between many of Europe's most important cities; Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Budapest. It still is.


September 9.

Jousting in Foligno

On two Sundays every September, the citizens of this charming Italizan town put on the joust of the Quintain.  Ten fully clad, armored knights try to snatch rings from a pivoting statue, while riding atop charging horses.  It's a sight to be seen. FMI -


September 10.

What's for breakfast?

An American breakfast has many interpretations around the world, as do other variations of the morning's first meal.


September 13.

A portrait of Covent Garden

Now a cobblestoned hive of smart boutiques, craft stalls, and cafés, London's Covent Garden offers much theater history, and a lot of street entertainment.


September 14.

Serving ice water in Hell

Wall Drug is a famous attraction right outside the Badlands of South Dakota, but its reputation has spread far and wide.  Its owners got their start during the Depression offering free ice water to weary travelers.  They still do.  FMI –


September 15.

Star watching in Socorro

On the barren plains of Western New Mexico, the VLA make up the most versatile, far-reaching radio telescope on earth.  Stop by to learn a thing or two about our universe. FMI –


September 16.

On Norfolk Island

This tiny island in the South Pacific offers isolation at its very best, and at one time, its very worst.  FMI -


September 17.

A visit to Arkhipova Street

Tomorrow evening, Jews around the world will gather to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the New Year.  In this venerable Moscow synagogue, the holiday even has more meaning.


September 20.

Cost-conscious in Copenhagen

Denmark's capital may be expensive, but here are several ways to pinch a penny, or a krone. FMI –


September 21.

Breaking the rules in Brussels

The capital of Belgium is a charming city packed with Flemish gusto and palatable delights.  Hardly the place you'd expect to find a revolutionary spirit.  FMI –


September 22.

Sailing, Norway's Hurtigruten

The mail ships of Norway are an authentic and relatively comfortable way to explore its magnificent and rugged coastline.  Now they even offer a degree of comfort and commodity.  FMI –


September 23.

Going native in Virginia

Del Hall runs the Nature Awareness School in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.  He helps folks get back to the basics and leads them to find a communion with Mother Nature.  FMI



September 24.

Going brushless on the road

What do you do when you can't brush your teeth?  Here are several smart ideas to keep your breath and smile at their best in a pinch.


September 27.

Passing time in Petra

Nabiteah was once a powerful kingdom in the Middle East.  Covered by sand for more than one thousand years, its capital city, Petra, has been excavated and revealed many secrets.


September 28.

Excavating Armageddon

There's something magical about unearthing artifacts from the plain of Meggido, where biblical prophecies predict the last great battle between good and evil will be fought.


September 29.

Balloons over Albuquerque

The nine-day Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta which starts this Saturday is certainly an uplifting experience for all concerned.  FMI


September 30.

In convents and monasteries

For affordable lodging and plenty of serenity, try any of more than 1000 monasteries, confidence, and religious and retreats around the US.


October 1.

Telling tales in Jonesboro

You can sit yourself down and have a listen to some terrific storytellers spin their tales at the National Storytelling Festival in this charming Tennessee town. FMI  -



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