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Episodes for January 2008

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January 2008


December 29.

Newport News Mariners Museum

In 1930, Archer Huntington set out to “preserve the culture of the sea.”  His timing was perfect.  FMI -


January 1

Happy trails to you

Though perfectly natural now, January 1 has been observed as New Year's Day for only 250 years.


January  2.

Romantic retreats

Planning a Valentine's Day escape?  Romance and travel go hand in hand, but there is more to it than tropical beaches and paper umbrella drinks.


January 3.

California dreaming

For over a century, California has loomed large in many traveler fantasies. Notions like glamour and trendiness change, but California’s essence is internal. FMI –


January 4.

Down in Death Valley

A short description of this huge desert along California's border with Nevada might match many people’s concept of hell.  FMI


January 7.

Highway maps unfolding history

Since 1900, the construction of roads has profoundly changed the American landscape. Highway maps are the record of that evolution.  FMI -


January 8.

The art of antique maps

Old maps offer more than historical perspectives.  For many collectors who love the fine and rare things, they are an art form.  Here's a place to pursue that art.  FMI


January 9.

Costly Caribbean farewells

Many Caribbean islands charge of departure fee of between 15 and $20 per person, which often must be paid in cash at the point of exit.



January 10.

Park City panorama

The Winter Sports world focused on Salt Lake CXity when it hosted the Winter Olympics, but most of the action was centered on a small city 30 miles to the east.


January 11.

On the highways of Europe

Most of Europe now uses one form of currency, but very it differences remained among its nations cup.  Consider the regulations of the road.


January 14.

An adventure in Copper Canyon

Mexico's Copper Canyon covers four times as much area as Arizona's Grand Canyon, and in places it's more than a quarter mile deeper. FMI -


January 15.

On a choo-choo to Chihuahua

The Chihuahua Pacific Railroad, which traverses Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara mountains, maybe the world's most dramatic rail journey.


January 16.

In El Fuerte and Cerocahui

Though thrilling, the train ride through the Sierra Tarahumara mountains offers few glimpses of Copper Canyon itself.  For a better look, you have to get off and check out the small towns along the way.


January 17.

Mirador and Creel

Both literally and physically, the high point of the rail trip through Mexico's Copper Canyon is the tiny town of El Divisidero.


January 18.

Meeting the Tarahumara

No journey through Mexico's Copper Canyon would be complete without visiting the reclusive Indians who give these mountains their name.


January 21.

The four Kings of Memphis

The founders of Memphis, Tennessee had a prophetic sense to name it after Egypt city of Kings. For Kings have helped shape this modern Memphis.


January 22.

Old cold prescriptions

Whether for business or pleasure, travel schedules seldom make allowances for the cold and flu that are all too common this time of year.


January 23.

Life in the fast lane

There's nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of driving a high speed performance vehicle faster than any public roads legally allow. Here’s a way to satisfy your need for speed.

FMI – or


January 24.

Luging in Lake Placid

And speaking of speed, here’s a place mere mortals can go to sample the thrill of riding an Olympic luge down a mile of glassy ice. There’s nothing virtual about this experience. FMI –


January 25.

Giving snow domes a fair shake

Those hollow glass or plastic, water filled spheres containing figurines and fake snow flakes may be the ultimate in travel kitsch.


January 28.

Capturing the green flash

The green flash is an occasional atmospheric phenomenon that for travelers can be so rare.  It borders on the mythical.


January 29.

Authenticating Alaskan art

Many Alaskan visitors are entranced by arts and crafts created by its native peoples.  Here's how to tell the real goods from cheap knockoffs.  FMI –


January 30.

Keeping in touch at sea

In this Type-A age of telecommunications, some cruise passengers crave constant contact even more than the midnight buffets.


January 31

Cave Diving in the Yucatan

Cenotes are a subterranean network of hidden waterways that underlie the Yucatán Peninsula. They’re wonderlands for adventurous travelers.


February 1

Baseball, empanadas and piña colada

Though winter's cold still chills major league ball parks across the U.S., some of its best players are stepping up to bat in the Caribbean World Series.  FMI –


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