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August 2009







August 2

Remembering Cherokee Red Clay

The last days of the Cherokee Indian nation will be remembered this weekend at Red Clay State Park, near Cleveland, Tennessee.  FMI -


 August 3.

Taking pictures in the woods

If your wilderness adventures include a camera, you better have all the equipment you need with you when you go, and it better not break.  Sounds simple, but it's hard to do.


August 4.

The sewers of Paris

Known as the city beneath the city, the system of splendidly engineered tunnels underneath Paris has figured prominently in its history and literature, and they can be a fascinating, surprisingly clean place to tour.


August 5.

Drumming for champions

The national championships of the Drum Corps International, the Super Bowl of marching bands opens at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. It's going to be a very loud place indeed. FMI -


August 6.

State Fairs everywhere

August is the month when millions of Americans flock to state fair grounds around the county to celebrate agriculture and industry with a week of fun, friendly competition, excitement, and big name entertainment. FMI - A listing of US state fairs at


August 9.

Meandering in Monet's garden

Something about the light in the tiny village of Giverny that day on the Seine River an hour’s trainride west of Paris must have caught Monet's eye.  Tour the master’s gardens, now restored to their former glory.




August 10.

Storm warnings

Off-season vacations can be a bargain, but you may have to take some extra chances with the weather.  Here's a bit of advice to help you improve your odds. FMI -


August 11.

Lord Shiva’s holy city

Tradition holds that Indian city of Varanasi was sacred to the Hindu god, Shiva, perpetual destroyer and creator of the universe.  Millions of pilgrims traverse the hot, arid plains of northern India each year, seeking salvation in this most powerful place.


August 12.

Some shots you'll need to travel

If you're heading to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Central or South America, you may need to be immunized against a variety of infections before you go.  FMI –


August 13.

Malaria update

Most victims of malaria are indigenous population in rural areas in Asia, Africa, and South and Central America.  But the disease also strikes thousands of travelers each year.  And it's getting worse.  FMI –


August 16.

America's still wild rivers

Despite the encroachment of civilization, the continent has many wonderful, still wild rivers of which few people have ever heard, let alone navigated.  Here are a few of the best.


August 17.

Afloat on the Selway

Called by many aficionados, the wildest river and the lower 48 states, the Selway crosses the Continental Divide through the Bitterroot Range of east central Idaho with more than 45 named rapids.   FMI -


August 18.

Portmerion, Wales.

Eight decades ago, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a well-known Welsh architect, assembled what he called a “Home for fallen buildings” on the shores of Tremadog Bay.  No one lives in this unique village, but many celebrities have visited.  FMI -


August 19.

Britain's railway treasures

Great Britain's love affair with trains began with their birth in 1825, and it is still going strong, from cog-wheeled railways to luxury lines.  FMI – Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railroad -, Bluebell Railway -, Snowdon Mountain Railroad -


August 20.

The price of a room

“Kids stay free" is a relative offer, but what do hotels mean when they make it?  Here are the age requirement policies for several popular American hotel chains.


August 23.

Rails to trails

You can now bicycle for more than 350 miles from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania without traveling on a public road.  Thousands of miles of defunct rail beds have already been converted to pedestrian ways across the country.  FMI –


August 24.

Laptop travel tips

In answer to a listener's query, we offer several tips on when and where you can use your laptop on the road.


August 25.

Mud Island in Memphis

Mud Island is a 50-acre complex consisting of equal parts Museum, entertainment venue, and city park, with a working map of the Mississippi River. Dedicated in 1982, it is on par with many other Memphis attractions.  FMI -


August 26.

Castles by the sea

From Marstrand in Sweden in the north to the Rock of Gibraltar in the south, dozens of former strongholds still stand watch over Europe’s coastlines, each reflecting the architecture of armament of its day.


August 27.

The Johnson Space Center

Visitors to Mission Control at NASA's huge Johnson Space Center near Houston are in for a hands-on, space-age experience.  FMI -


August 30.

The Peace Corps today

The Peace Corps's motto is “the toughest job you'll ever love.”  It can also be one of your life's great travel adventures.  FMI –



August 31.

Hiking Madeira's highlands

Some 300 miles off the coast of North Africa, the mountain high hills of the island of Madeira juts up sharply from the sea.


September 1.

The isles of Scilly

The name of these tiny islands off of England's southwest tip may sound like something out of a Monty Python show, but the name means “sunny place of flowers.”  They're peaceful haven well off the normal tourist track.


September 2.

Two faces of tourism

When travelers flock to a destination they inevitably change it.  Some changes can be considered improvements; others degrade factors which may do that someplace desirable to live or visit in the first place.


September 3.

The Cleveland Air Show

This weekend at the Cleveland National Air Show, the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels roaring over downtown’s Burke Lakefront Airport will be just one of the main attractions.  FMI –




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