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July 2009







June 28.

Post graduate travel

Globetrotting is an important part of any education.  Travel always broadens one's perspectives and fosters global consciousness.  By all means encourage your new grads to get out and see the world for themselves.


June 29.

Heli-hiking in the Selkirks

You can see the sights or ski high in the Selkirk Mountains of eastern British Columbia, Canada, where a helicopter now takes hikers in summer and skiers in winter to enjoy  the peak experience. FMI –


June 30.

Traveling with allergies

From hay fever to food allergies, traveling can pose a bit of challenge.  But with a little planning, and a lot of vigilance, you can still have a great trip. FMI -


July 1.

The Palio de Siena

This pell-mell horserace around the Piazza Del Campo in this charming Tuscan city has been held every July 2 for more than 300 years.  Tickets are nearly impossible to get, but we’ll take you there.  FMI -


July 2.

Remembering Vicksburg

This weekend marks the anniversary of the Battle of Vicksburg.  Come to this national military Park in Mississippi for a bit of Civil War history. FMI -


July 5.

Vacationing in the nude

Happy Nude Recreation Week!  Some zealots claim folks can only truly relax after they lose their clothing compulsive anxieties.  Nudism is really taking off. FMI –


July 6.

Seven wild beaches

Here's a quick trip to seven excessively, relatively people free US beaches where you can beat the heat and still get away from the maddening crowds.


July 7.

Toasting mellow marshes

Barrier islands and salt marshes go together.  These important ecosystems can be beautiful and fascinating places to behold the mysteries of life.


July 8.

Georgia's Golden Islands

The beautiful and wild islands along Georgia's Atlantic coast are known as the Golden Sea Islands.  Here's why. 


July 9.

Fight or flight

Don't let the idiosyncrasies and annoyances of air travel take their toll on your health.  Forgoing the fight is a big part of enjoying the flight.


July 12.

Seeing Shelburne Museum

Situated on the edge of Vermont's Green Mountains, this 45-acre estate includes 37 exhibition buildings and more than 80,000 artifacts of New England Americana. FMI –


July 13.

Riding the roller coaster wave

Despite their ups and downs, the future of roller coasters, newfangled and traditional, has never been brighter.


July 14.

Water parks make a big splash

Here's a sprinkling of water parks from sea to shining sea.  They are thrilling, though not particularly inexpensive way to beat the summer's heat.


July 15.

Snorkeling with beluga whales

At the wide mouth of Canada's Hudson Bay, you can frolic with white, beluga whales. FMI -,, or,


July 16.

French caves for rent

Rent a simple cave with rough chiseled, whitewashed walls and terra-cotta floors in the charming French village of Troo. FMI -



July 19

New Jersey’s High Point

High Point State Park on the top of Kitatinny Mountain in New Jersey’s Garden State offers great hiking, scenic drives, and a beautiful 360° panorama. FMI -


July 20.

Making out with Madrid

Madrid is a magical capital city that makes its own hours and pursues its own pleasures. FMI –


July 21.

Lava Beds National Monument

In California's northeast corner lies an immense subterranean lattice of lava tubes.  Many have been developed for public access, or you can find a few to explore on your own. FMI -



July 22.

On location in the British Isles

Check out the more than 200 locations in England and Scotland and Wales where your favorite movies were made.  The British Broadcasting Authority provides a free guide. FMI -


July 23.

Shedding light on jet lag

Many cures exist for jet lagged travelers, but light therapy may be the most high-tech of them all.


July 26.

Highland primer

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, join us for a week in the beautiful nation of Scotland.  FMI –


At home in the Trossachs

The Trossachs is an area of humpback mountains and loch-filled glens in Scotland's heartland.  Colorful culture, superb golfing, great fishing and wonderful walking abound. FMI –


July 28.

The roots of Andrew Carnegie

Born in the town of Dunfermline in Scotland, this world-famous steel magnate and philanthropist certainly left his mark on his hometown. FMI –


July 29.

Carnegie's Scottish castle

In 1898, industrialist Andrew Carnegie bought a beautiful estate in northern Scotland.  The great house and its remaining 7500 acres on the shore of Dornach Firth are now an upscale retreat and spa. FMI –


July 30.

Edinburgh in August

With a magnificent castle dominating its skyline, Edinburgh, Scotland means festival fun in August.  Welcome to an entire month filled with cultural activities, high and low.  FMI –,,


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