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June 2009







May 31

Tongass National Park

This national forest in Alaska's Panhandle encompasses 17 million acres of mountain, fjords, glaciers, and one third of the world's remaining temperate rain forest.  But it may be in danger. FMI -


June 1.

Noting northern Michigan

In the northwest corner of Michigan's southern peninsula lies a wild swath of natural wonder; 70,000 acres of hilly forest and towering sand meander along 35 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.  FMI - or


June 2.

A jewel of an island

Isle Royale is one of America's most remote national parks.  It lies on the northwest shore of Lake Superior.  It takes six hours to reach by ferry from its main entrance at Houghton, Michigan.  FMI –


June 3.

Customs to be sniffed at

Beagles and other nosy hounds are being used at major international gateway airports as guards in the ongoing effort to keep foreign pests and exotic diseases out of the US.


June 4.

A few points on plugs and juice

Electrical currents, folded levels, and plug configurations vary around the globe.  Here are some tips to help you keep current, where ever you go.  FMI


June 7.

The museums of Frankfurt

The museum embankment runs along both sides of the River Main for 1 mile through the heart of Frankfurt, Germany. FMI-



June 8.

Eating in exotic places

Samplings strange foods can be exciting; it can also be dangerous.  Here's how to enjoy the local cuisine, and still stay healthy.


June 9.

Nine centuries of the Piazza San Marco

St. Mark's Cathedral is the heart of Venice Italy.  After major restoration it is once again as splendid as ever.


June 10.

Venice's Maritime Museum

Few cities are more closely associated with the sea than Venice, Italy’s main port on the Adriatic.  Its naval museum showcases 2000 years of that association.


June 11.

On the Road with Burma-Shave

These timeless sets of six placards advertising brushless shaving cream in the 1920s remained highway classics.  Some have even made it into the Smithsonian Museum. For a complete listing:


June 14.

Strutting around Saint Lucia

Though it's only 27 miles long and 14 miles across, the Caribbean island of St. Lucia is an endless series of beautiful bays, picturesque points and cozy coves.  FMI -


June 15.

Ready, aim, reenact

The Civil War may never end.  Some 40,000 Americans now take part in the annual, full scale reenactments of many of its famous battles. There's even a camp where you can go to learn to live like a 19th-century soldier.  FMI -


June 16.

Traveling to catch the best shots

If you like to see the sights from a photographer’s point of view, a photo safari might be just what you're after. FMI -


June 17.

The peace of tape

Even little children know the magic of having someone read a story to them.  Audio tapes and CDs on long trips can provide the peaceful interlude your traveling family might just need.


June 18.

In praise of subways and metros

For efficient urban transit, nothing beats a good subway system.  Here's a look at undergrounds around the globe.


June 21.

Seeing South Padre Island

This classic barrier island separates the coast of Texas from the Gulf of Mexico.  Spend some time among the dunes, explore the flats of Laguna Madre, or visit with the seagulls.  FMI -


June 22.

Yearning for the Yucatán

For a hint of what the Yucatán Peninsula was like before mass tourism drive south from Cancun on Highway 307.  Though it is changing, much of the 200-mile route to the border of Belize remains protected from rampant development.  FMI


June 23.

Bumping around Belize

This tiny English-speaking sovereign nation on the Yucatán Peninsula is only 800 miles from Miami Beach.  Check out its orchids, jaguars, howler monkeys, and toucans.  FMI -


June 24

Laptop CD guidebooks

Travel specific software can add a new dimension to bringing your laptop along on trips.


June 25.

Custer's last stand

Today is the 133rd anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  This weekend in Harden, Montana, they're reenacting the historic battle and remembering all of the fallen participants. FMI -

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