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March 2009







March 1.

Finding seashells in the Seychelles

We explore the coral reefs of possibly the world's most environmentally conscious country.  The Seychelles consist of some 90 tropical islands scattered over the Indian Ocean just east of Africa.


March 2.

On horseback in the Superstitions

The Superstition Mountains rise from the Sonoran Desert an hour's drive east of Phoenix.  You can take a half day ride or overnight adventure into this unspoiled wilderness.  FMI -


March 3.

Day-Glo dives in Puerto Rico

Mosquito Bay on the tiny island of Vieques, just off Puerto Rico's northeast coast is one of the few bioluminescent bays left in the world. FMI -


March 4.

Cruise photography

Ocean cruises offer opportunities aplenty for photo buffs, but they also create special problems for lighting, composition, and equipment.


March 5.

Grapefruit, cactus and baseball

Spring is in the air, and so are baseballs across Arizona and Florida, as America's major league baseball teams prepare for the 2009 season. FMI -


March 8.

Tinkering with time

Daylight savings time is here once again.  We take a look at how time zones and timepieces are being reset around the earth.


March 9.

Springtime comes to Natchez

It's time for the 77th annual Natchez Spring pilgrimage, as visitors get to peek into this Mississippi city’s great antebellum mansions. FMI –


March 10.

Three great Southern gardens

Two great gardens in St. Francisville, Louisiana let visitors savor a fragrant spring, while at Crosby Arboretum in Picayune Mississippi is a blooming wonder. FMI –; ;


March 11.

Canada's Sunshine Coast

The miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia are a realm of mountains plunging straight into the sea, of shimmering freshwater lakes, of salt water inlets and picturesque coastal villages. FMI -


March 12.

Crane watching on the Platte

Over the next six weeks, 80 percent of the world’s population of Sandhill cranes will congregate on the wide wetlands of Nebraska's Platte River. FMI -


March 15.

Celebrating our national monuments

More than 80 national treasures of natural and historic significance are just waiting to be scattered discovered across the USA.  FMI –


March 16.

Rafting on the Rio Grande

A lazy river raft ride between the sheer 1500-foot-high rock walls of the Rio Grande’s Big Bend offer plenty of time for exploration of its limestone side canyons. FMI -


March 17.

St. Patrick's Day

If you are more than just Irish for the day, you can track down your ancestors via these genealogical records in several Irish offices.  FMI -


March 18

Scientific vacations

You can take part in a dinosaur dig or study dolphins in the Amazon.  Here's how to have a fascinating vacation, while contributing something valuable to scientific research. FMI –;;



March 19.

Volunteer vacations

These short-term working vacations are increasingly popular with students on spring break, but they are appropriate for anyone who'd like to lend a helping hand. FMI –



March 22.

The center of the Incan Empire

Cuzco is the highest and the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere.  Located just an hour by air from Lima Peru, its art and architecture can keep a visitor occupied for days.


March 23.

Overcoming altitude sickness

Slow acclimatization is the key to avoiding the potentially lethal consequences of altitude sickness.  Here are some other cures.


March 24.

On the Grand Prix circuit

The most prestigious title of auto racing will be claimed by the driver who amasses the highest point total in a series of races held around the globe, stating this weekend in Australia.  FMI –


March 25.

Ticket consolidators I

If you're interested in saving significant money on an airline ticket and willing to fly with a few strings attached, here's something you need to know. FMI -


March 26.

Ticket consolidators II

Don't get taken.  We list some of the key issues to keep in mind when you're considering buying an airline ticket from a consolidator.  FMI



March 29

Looking at travel newsletters

No guidebook can match the personal touch of the traditional travel newsletter.  Here's a baker's dozen of possibilities.


March 30.

Basquing on France's Atlantic Coast

St. Jean de Luz is the most attractive resort in the southwest corner of France. With the only natural harbor for many miles, it's been a busy port for centuries.  FMI – or


March 31.

Tulip Time in Washington state

Come celebrate the Skagit Valley's annual Tulip Festival and tour more than 1500 blooming acres by foot, bike, car, horse-drawn carriage, even hot air balloon.  FMI


April 1.

April Fools' Day

Did you ever wonder where April Fools' Day comes from?  We explore several possible sources for this venerable tradition of pranks played on the unsuspecting. 


April 2.

El Camino de Santiago

Next week in northern Spain more than thousands of devout Catholic pilgrims will be following the “Way of St. James” to find the truth, the light, the way.  FMI -   or 

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