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February 2009







February 1.

Rounding up tuna in the Egadis

This group of islands near Sicily’s western end is a warren of history.  One of the islets is the site of the world's last Tonnare, a ritualized round-up of blue fin tuna.


February 2.

Via rail across the Andes

Ride on a rooftop seat on this roller coaster of a train ride over mountain, through desert and past the world's tallest volcano.  We ride the Chiva Express from Rio Bamba to Guayaquil.  FMI –


February 3.

Lapland’s cold car laboratory

Here's where car makers from around the world at their new models against the deep freeze of Arjeplog, Sweden.


February 4.

Internet radio around the world

Short wave radio fans can now pick up stations from around the world on the Internet.  It's called net radio and webcasting. FMI –  or 


February 5.

Travel rights of the disabled

These tips cover a range of concerns, from special instructions for air carriers to when and how to complain and to whom.


February 8,

A writer's writer and a traveler’s traveler

Norman Lewis, a self-taught observer of foreign culture, has achieved hero status among connoisseurs of modern English travel literature.


February 9.

Ogling opals in Coober Pedy

Deep in the desert outback of South Australia, the offbeat town of Coober Pedy lures visitors to its opal mine, opal museums, opal factories, and underground homes.



February 10

Skiing around Oslo

From the folks who invented cross-country skiing comes the winter sports arena, which officially opened the World Cup ski races.



February 11.

Time out on Tobago.

Part of the two island Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Tobago is endowed with prodigious natural beauty and a climate close to 80° year-round.  FMI -



February 12.

Learning the Bequia tilt.

Life in the largest of the Grenadine Islands is rooted in continuity, custom, and simple pride.  It has been partly preserved by its isolation. FMI -


February 15.

American literary travel

Literary giants mark all corners of the USA.  From east to west, here are places you can visit to gain insight into your favorite writer’s vision.


February 16.

English literary landmarks

To visit the homes and landmarks of British writers, all you need is a map.  It’s titled “Literary Britain” and identifies locations linked to 90 different writers. FMI –



February 17.

Stone Age settlements in Ireland

Under what is now a peat bog lies a 4000-year old settlement.  Stone structures, such as graves and walls, have been preserved.  Visit Ceide Fields and see for yourself.  FMI -


February 18

Carnival in the Caribbean

Calypso, steel drum, and street bands mark the pre-Lenten festivities on the island of Trinidad.  FMI -


February 19.

Capturing Carnival in Cadiz

Celebrations of Carnival in this Spanish port are Europe's most uninhibited. During these last days before Lent, Cadiz shakes off its lethargy and replaces it with vibrant form of fantasy.  FMI -



February 22.

A journey through China

China has come a long way.  Since the bamboo curtain parted in foreign visitors were heartily welcomed. Join us for a weeklong visit.



February 23.

Walking the Great Wall

After the year of the Olympics, the year of the Ox promises that many tourists will visit China's burgeoning Beijing and stroll the Great Wall.



February 24.

In China's largest city

More than 30 million people called Chongqing home.  It's a lively, practical place where you can also catch a ship for a cruise down the Yangtze River.



February 25.

The River that flows from heaven

Known by many names, the Yangtze is the world's third-largest river, and for 40 centuries the aorta of the world's most peopled place.



February 26.

Now that the dam is done

The great dam across the Yangtze River has tamed 40 centuries of raging floods and created one of the world's longest lakes.

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