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January 2009







January 4

In Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Two decades ago, Iceland opened a plant to turn its geothermal energy into electricity.  Super heated water spills into a huge man-made lagoon that has become the country's major tourist attraction.  FMI –


January 5

Rappelling into Godzilla's nostril

California's largest limestone caves bristles with dagger sharp stalactites and shimmers with pink flow stone.  Descending into it requires considerable bravery. FMI –



January 6

A night in Tunisia

The smallest of the four countries on North Africa's Mediterranean coast, Tunisia is easy and exotic, a land of strong influences and sublime pleasures. FMI -


January 7

Celebrating the Panama Canal

95 years ago today, The Alex Levalle, a small workboat, became the first ship to take a shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 


January 8.

A hitch hikers guide to the skyways

Hitching rides on the highway was once an inexpensive way to get around.  Travelers with a sense of adventure and a flexible flight schedule can still thumb themselves a cheap flight.  FMI – or







January 11.

An adventure in Copper Canyon

Barranca del Cobre is the best-known of a series of six dazzling dazzlingly deep and dramatic water-carved gorges on the western slopes of the mountainous spine of northern Mexico.


January 12.

On a choo-choo to Chihuahua

The Chihuahua Pacific Railroad, which traverse is Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara mountains, may be the world's most dramatic railway journey. FMI -


January 13.

In El Fuerte and Cerocahui

Although the Chihuahua Pacific Railroad through the Sierra Tarhumara Mountains is one of the world’s most dramatic journeys, getting the lay of the land requires stopping for a few days.  FMI -



January 14.

Mirador and Creel

An eagle's nest of a hotel perched right on the canyons rim, each of the Mirador's 30 rooms opens onto one of the most fantastic views from any hotel in the world.  FMI -


January 15.

Meeting the Tarahumara

The reclusive Indians who give these mountains their name to follow their traditional ways, removing themselves as much as possible from the encroachment of civilization.


January 18.

The mad King's fairytale castles

Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, a pair of quirky castles in the beautiful Bavarian Alps, are a testimony to one Kings edifice complex.  FMI -


January 19.

Life in the fast lane

Many drivers crave the adrenaline rush of pushing a high-power high-performance vehicle faster than any public roads legally allow.  Here's how to satisfy that craving in relative safety.  FMI –



January 20.

Highway maps unfolding history

Few developments had more impact on the 20th century than the automobile, and the roads built to support them. Highway maps are the record of that evolution.


January 21.

Park city panoramas

The combination of Utah's legendary snow, savvy marketing, hot and hard dollar investments have turned a miner's gulch into a glitzy Mecca for sports, art, food, and film, Hosting the Winter Olympics didn't hurt. FMI – or



January 22.

Cold prescriptions

If you find yourself taking a clogged head and runny nose to the airport, here are tips to make your trip as comfortable as possible.


January 25.

Winter Festival roundups

Over the next few weeks, dozens of communities from Maine to Alaska will come together to celebrate the snow and ice.  Here's a preview of coming attractions. 


January 26.

Giving snow domes a fair shake

Call them snow dome's, shakies, or blizzards in a bottle, these hollow glass or plastic, liquid filled spheres containing figurines and fake snow are the ultimate in travel kitsch.  FMI –


January 27.

Costly farewells

With hundreds of islands comprising a patchwork of independent nations, protectorates, and colonies, the Caribbean Sea prevents travelers presents travelers with the crazy quilt of local customs and bureaucratic regulations.  Here's some help. FMI –


January 28.

Capturing the green flash

The green flash is an occasional atmospheric phenomenon so rare it sometimes seems mythical.  Seeing one takes patience, determination, and lots of luck.


January 29.

A place of pilgrimage

Legend has it that god Poseidon watched the Trojan War from his perch atop the central mountains of the Aegean island of Samothrace amid the fragrance of Rosemary and Sage. FMI -


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