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November 2008







November 2

Wandering in Weimar

The ancient settlement of Weimar on the Ilm River in Thuringa, Germany, is a repository of considerable culture.  FMI –



November 3.

A guide to cruising the seven seas

Here is a fleeting rundown of some of the varied areas for cruising.  Don't get over helmed by the possibilities.


November 4.

An excursion in Exmoor

This is an excellent season to visit England's largest national park.  Located on the north coast of Somerset, Exmoor offers solitude, antiquity, and untarnished nature.


November 5.

A Meteor in Paris

Paris' newest metro line has a sleek, 21st-century feel and makes negotiating the City of Lights even easier.


November 6.

Coping with travel stress

Travel ranks just above Christmas and other holidays in causing stress.  Here are various ways to minimize its effect on you.


November 9.

When in Rome

Be careful of your body language when visiting and foreign lands.  Here are some common faux pas to avoid.


November 10

Who gets bumped and why

What's the rhyme and reason to who gets to fly and who gets left behind?  The simple answer is, there is no simple answer.


November 11.

Baguettes on Bora Bora

The Pacific island of Bora Bora has been described as the most beautiful place on earth.  Fishing, skin diving, and relaxing on the beach are the primary activities.


November 12.

Following the Natchez trace

This 450 mile stretch of scenic highway through the Appalachian foothills in central Tennessee boasts poignant history at its every bend.  FMI


November 13.

Merkel's Law

If your flight plans go awry, find an airline gate agent who follows Merkle's Law.  You may find seemingly inflexible airline regulations can magically be bent.


November 16

National Geography Awareness Week

Over the next 6 days, students across the country will get a dose of geography  with the activity packet CD carrying the theme data and.  FMI


November 17

Getting to know Nicaragua

A ruggedly beautiful country, the Central American nation is slowly being rediscovered. Here are some high points to explore.  FMI


November 18.

The London Transport Museum

If double-decker buses and vaulted underground trains excite you, you'll want to visit this museum of vehicles that have served Londoners since 1820. FMI -


November 19.

Heathrow to London in 15 minutes

The London Heathrow Express carries passengers from Paddington station to all Heathrow terminals.  It runs every 15 minutes and cost as little as $20 each way. For information and e-tickets -


November 20.

Beware of the credit freeze!

If you maintain your credit card close to its limit, consider the dangers of hotels and rental car companies who freeze a portion of your credit for up to two weeks to cover estimated charges.





November 23.

Hiking the hills of Hong Kong

Within easy sight of the vibrant city's soaring skyline, adventurous travelers can find hundreds of miles of glorious hiking trails.  We'll visit two: Pokfulam Park and the MacLehose Trail.  FMI –



November 24.

Cheap ski trips

American Youth Hostels operate facilities near 45 ski areas across the country.  Here's how to get in on the savings, both in accommodations and on the slopes. FMI –


November 25.

Travelers in trouble abroad

Never take your US constitutional guarantees for granted when traveling in foreign lands.  They won't mean much if you get into trouble over there. FMI -


November 26.

To be sure your luggage arrives when you do

“Never checked your valuables," and other sage advice for making sure you and your luggage get where you're going together.


November 27.

Tips to make packing painless

Having a trip collection point makes for a more convenient way to pack.  Plus, we offer other strategic tips to make your trip more enjoyable.


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