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Episodes for February 2008

The Traveler’s Journal. February 2008.


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February 4

Tips for student trips

Young scholars are encountering an enticing array of offers for spring break escapes and summer study tours.  Here are questions to ask. FMI: Student Youth Travel Association at


February 5.

Carnival in Québec

Most folks know about Mardi Gras in steamy climates like Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, but here's one place where the celebrations are below freezing. FMI –


February 6.

Visiting a volcano

The big island of Hawaii is big and still growing, fed from within by molten rock which oozes from the Earth's interior. FMI –


February 7

Taking the lava trail

Come spend the night with Madame Pele.  It will be one you will never forget. FMI –



February 8.

Remembering the Normandie

On her maiden voyage, the French passenger liner Normandie was considered the grandest vessel ever built.  But like the Titanic, she came to an early and sad end. FMI – Carnegie Museum of Art -


February 11.

An Icelandic idyll

Iceland can be a fascinating place to visit, especially for any traveler who enjoys outdoor activities, but it can also be very expensive. FMI -


February 12.

Kissed with the seal

The Magdalene Islands are a remote Canadian archipelago which each year become a nursery for whitecoat harp seals. FMI Atlantic Marine Wildlife Tours  1 506 459-7325 


February 13.

Traveling on the wings of love

While taking a trip together these days can be a stiff test of love, it also appears that many couples are passing that test.


February 14.

New Mexico's Silver Cities

People have been prospecting for treasure in the Pinos Altos mountains for centuries.  But rather than gold, they found a Silver City. FMI –


February 15.

Hiking the Gila Mountains

The first official lank spot on US maps, the Gila national Forest in New Mexico now encompasses 3.3 million acres.  But you can still have it all to yourself.  FMI –


February 18.

Alfresco in Auckland

It's now summer in New Zealand, and the citizens of its largest city certainly know how to enjoy the weather. FMI –


February 19.

Eyeing Ischia

The largest of four islands scattered off Italy's Bay of Naples, Ischia long ago earned a reputation as the Isle of well-being. FMI –


February 20.

Evaluating electronic maps

The Internet has spawned a swarm of websites that provide travelers with maps and directions.  But how accurate are they?  FMI –,,


February 21.

Tassajara meditations

Set in a quiet mountain Canyon south of Carmelo, California, the first Zen monastery outside of Asia welcomes visitors each summer. FMI –


February 22.

Captivated by Cape Town

Two decades after South Africa's long night of apartheid ended, Cape Town is again a trendy, relatively inexpensive, but always magnificent destination. FMI –


February 25.

Concierge wisdom

Members of a Les Clef d’Or provide the expertise and attention that makes guests feel special.  FMI -


February 26.

Discovering Bardou

This remote hamlet in the stony foothills of the mountains of southwestern France has become a rustic rock resort. FMI –


February 27.

Industrial tourism

While many travelers are fascinated by factory tours, but for car buffs, there’s nothing better than an auto assembly plant.


February 28.

Mooseburger clown camp

For two weeks each year, a church camp in the Minnesota woods becomes ground zero for zaniness. FMI –


February 29.

Avoiding travel ripoffs

When traveling, no one enjoys being ripped off.  These four tips may seem basic common sense, but it always pays to keep them in mind.

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