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Episodes for October 2008

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October 2008







Oct 7

Exploring the Italian Marches

An Italian province, this 100-mile strip of land along the coast of the Adriatic Sea has maintained its traditional charms and values.  October is an excellent time to visit.


October 8

Natchitoches  Historical Pilgrimage.

Once a significant once a significant center for cotton, this town's colonial and antebellum architecture has been wonderfully preserved.  Come this weekend for a tour of Louisiana's history.  FMI -


October 9

Buying a car abroad

Heightened federal safety and emissions standards make buying a car abroad and bringing it back into the US less attractive than it once was.  But there are still many benefits.


October 12

The caves of Cappadocia

100 miles southeast of Ankara, the capital of modern Turkey, lies the underground city of Derinkuyu.  Discovered only 50 years ago, it has been excavated seven stories deep.


October 13.

Columbus Day in Columbus, USA

At least 70 cities, villages, and towns across the country have born in the name of this exalted explorer.  We visit a Columbus mosaic in Commerce, Texas to get a taste of them all.


October 14.

Long-distance plane flights

Commercial aircraft can now fly more than halfway around the planet without stopping to refuel.  The long distance champion is an 8000 mile route between New York and Johannesburg.




October 15.

Banner Elk Woolly Worm Festival

In the mountains of North Carolina, the folks of Banner elk, to the woolly warm to predict the winter's harshness.  This weekend, they'll find the fastest worm in town.


October 16.

Bridge Day at New River Gorge

On West Virginia highway 19, the world's longest steel arch bridge spans North America's oldest river. This weekend, the four-lane bridge will close for the annual Bridge Day celebrations.  FMI -


October 19.

The squares of London

With some 430 squares, from tiny Melbourne Square to enormous Eaton Square,  London has many hidden corners that will perk your interest.


October 20.

The Texas Birding Trail

The avian migration routes are well-worn along the Texas coastline from the Louisiana border to Mexico.  In Texas avian migration routes are well-worn across the golf coastline from the Louisiana border to Mexico.  Texas has organized an autotour itinerary that links more than 300 birding sites.  FMI


October 21.

Sunsets in Gustavia

The Caribbean island nation of St. Barthelmey in the French West Indies has a reputation as an exclusive hideaway.  Its culture and cuisine are as French as its prices.


October 23.

Are packaged tours good buys?

Travelers can save 5 to 25 percent with a package tour, but you still have to know what you're buying and from whom.


October 26.

The Way of Tea

For 500 years, the Japanese have ritualized the act of serving in the drinking of tea into a form of communion intended to promote peace among peoples.


October 27.

Down in Death Valley

The driest, hottest place in North America offers splendid contrasts in extremes.  From the bristlecone pines, which are the Earth’s longest lived species, to the towering spires of salt, Death Valley is like no place else.  FMI –


October 28.

A volcano in Costa Rica

One of the western hemisphere's most accessible volcanoes, Arenal offers a special spectacular, perfect cone soaring a mile into the sky.  Visit at night for a real show.


October 30.

Airline wait lists

Airlines keep lists of people who want reservations once all the available seats in any class on a particular plane had been booked.  Anyone can get on the list, but only if they’re willing to pay for the privilege.

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