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September 2008








August 31.

Beatles in the Royal Oak

The Royal Oak society is the American branch of great Britain's national trust.  Many properties are protected, including Paul McCartney's boyhood home. FMI – or


September 1.

The land of the Faeros

This chain of 18 volcanic atolls in the North Atlantic offers splendid landscapes, local dining specialties, and an amazing array of sea birds. FMI -


September 2.

Browsing newspapers abroad

It’s so easy to go online and check various newspapers for up-to-date information on many places around the planet. FMI – or



September 3.

The going is great in Goa

A state in India on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Goa has a definite Mediterranean feel, while hunger, poverty, and crime are relative rarities in this haven of peace in proportion.


September 4.

Dragons on the Mississippi

This weekend in Dubuque, Iowa, they will be paddling dragon boats on the Mississippi River to foster international friendship and simply to have a terrific time.  FMI



September 7.

The world's largest employer

The World Tourism Council reports that the largest employer is travel, employing 135 million people around the globe, or one of every 15 workers.


September 8.

Seeing more of Samoa

Some of volcanic islands in this South Pacific chain are U.S. territories, while others are independent nations.  Either way, they are being preserved.  FMI –


September 9.

Managing international risks

Never be paranoid about trouble when traveling abroad.  Instead, find out ahead of time about specific concerns, put on your thinking cap, and bring along your common sense. FMI – or


September 10.

Barbara Fritchie Day

On this day, the town of Frederick, Maryland remembers the feats of 95-year-old Barbara Fritchie who’s heroic actions in 1862 during the Civil War were commemorated in a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier.  FMI -


September 11.

A home away from home.

Already commonplace in Europe, trading homes with another family is gaining popularity with Americans.  Here are some thoughts on starting the process. or


September 14.

Paragliding in heaven

You can go jump off a cliff and glide safely back to Earth with the aid of a paraglider.  Flying never felt freer.  FMI – or



September 16.

Exploring the Dry Tortugas

This string of sand and coral keys in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida encompasses North America's least disturbed coral reef. FMI –



Set number 17.

Enjoying Oktoberfest

The world's largest beer bash, Munich's annual festival also features a folklore concert, hundreds of marching bands, and an ongoing carnival.  More than 5 million revelers are expected to visit.  FMI –



September 18.

Managing travel expectations

Every trip has three parts: planning and anticipation, the actual journey, and the internal impressions we call memory.  Even bitter lemons can make sweet lemonade.


September 21.

Finding peace in Kalaupapa

Once a depository for Hawaiian leprosy victims, the Kalaupapa Peninsula now hosts one of the country's most unique and poignant national historical parks. FMI -


September 22.

Why autumn leaves are falling

Leaf coloration depends on shorter days and reduced sunlight, but the type of tree is a factor in the color selection along with other variables.  Tune in to discover more foliage facts.


September 23.

Capturing fall foliage

No image will ever be as good as the one you take with your mind's eye, but here are ways you can create photographs that will remember resemble the vistas you remember.


September 24.

A room with a view

Though US forest service has more than two dozen lookout posts or fire towers to rent.  These high view accommodations can be especially rewarding to leaf beepers. FMI -


September 28.

Lizard Island Australia.

An exclusive getaway, this 2500 acre preserve lies in the heart of Australia's great barrier reef. It lures a steady stream of the world's rich and famous. FMI -



Doing Time in Tasmania

This island lying southeast of Australia houses Port Arthur, a model prison of a century ago.  Tour its buildings in museums.  Plus, visit Tasmanian Devil Park. FMI -



September 30.

Proof of citizenship

More than ever it is true that a traveler without a passport is a traveler without a country.  Here are procedures and tricks to help getting or renewing a passport more quickly.  FMI –




October 1.

Obtaining a visa.

In addition to a passport, many countries such as Australia, the former communist bloc nations, and many nations in Africa, South and Central America, and the Middle East still require American travelers to obtain a visa prior to a visit.


October 2.

Around the world in 80 days

On this day, Jules Verne's classic novel's main character, Phileas Fogg, made his fateful globe-girdling wager.  Fogg that found his experiences along the way made him a better man.  Good journeys are always that way.



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