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August 3

Rambling in Rosenlaui

When the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland’s Alps gets too crowded with summer visitors, you can find peace in the Reichenbach Valley. Bad Rosenlaui provides a quirky, quiet base from which to explore. FMI -




August 4

The Alaskan Highway

Take an adventurous drive through unspoiled scenic wonders.  From Dawson Creek in British Columbia, through the Canadian Rockies, up to Alaska, this two-lane highway offers immense beauty.


August 5

Edinburgh in August

Edinburgh, Scotland has regained the proud feel the capital city. This is festival month and once again, it hosts the world's largest celebration of classical theater dance music and much, much more. FMI -


August 6

The high road to Scotland

The A9 isn’t the fastest way north anymore, but it still takes you through towns like Pitlochery, Blair Atholl and Kinggussie .  They are excellent places to enjoy traditional Scotland, especially if you enjoy hiking, fishing, mountain climbing and more.


August 7.

Air Travelers Bill of Rights

In response to consumer complaints about what it perceives as an airline abuses, the American Society of Travel Agents has crafted a statement of travelers’ basic rights.



August 10.

Ambling through Amsterdam

Great for walking, the Dutch city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is defined by its canals, which radiate in a maze of concentric semi circles around its main train station.


August 11.

Wine tasting on the Moselle

The Moselle River twists and turns its way through narrow German valleys.  Uncork your taste buds for a sample of the sweet nectar produced in the tiny villages along its banks.


August 12.

Frolicking on the Lahn

This river flows 150 miles west from the Rhine through some of Germany's most idyllic  countryside.  St. Elizabeth's Church is a main attraction.


August 13.

Health Commandments of tropical travel

We offer some timely advice to help you increase your odds of staying in good health as you plan your trip to the tropics.


August 14.

Airing airline complaints

If you were among the millions of travelers inconvenienced by an airline, you should know what to ask for.  Even with the cutbacks, you may be surprised by how easy it can be to get compensation for minor problems.


August 17.

By balloon across the Atlantic

At dawn 30 years ago today, the Double Eagle II completed history's first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a free, manned balloon.


August 18

Thailand trek

We check out Chang Mai, the second-largest city in Thailand, and trek over the area’s hilly jungles to friendly villages populated by more than a dozen distinct tribes.


August 19.

Can you prove you're a citizen?

Americans will soon need a passport to visit any other country, but you may need other documents as well. Your airline or travel agent should advise when need a visa or other permissions, but here’s where to check. FMI -





August 20.

Small London museums

From tea to toys, London is well endowed with small, specialized, often quirky collections of art and history.  Here are a few.


August 21.

Hurry up vacation

A new trend in leisure travel is to cram as much vacation as possible into incredibly short periods of time.  Unfortunately relaxation can be tough on such a tight timetable.


August 24.

Vesuvius and Krakatoa

Today in 709A.D Mount Vesuvius blew its top up marrying the cities of Palm pagans to be a.  Plus this Wednesday is the 125th anniversary of the eruption of the island of Krakatoa.


August 25.

Using a flash outdoors

Whether you're shooting digitally or with film, an electronic flash can improve your photos, indoors or out, in any kind of light.  Here are some tips and techniques to try.

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