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July 2008







July 6

Time out in Trieste

Situated at the Northeast end of the Adriatic Sea, this unique Italian city has a diverse and confusing past.  It's an interesting study in comfortably blended contrasts of Latin, Slavic, Italian, and Bohemian. 


July 7.

Running with Pamplona's bulls

During the annual festival of San Fermin in the Navarra hills of northeastern Spain, several hundred souls will test their nerve by running just ahead of six fighting bulls that charge through the city streets.


July 8.

Seeing the sights of Richmond

The capital city of both the Confederacy and the state of Virginia offers visitors plenty of art, history, architecture and beautiful gardens. There's something for everybody.


July 9.

On a jaunt through Jutland

Jutland, a pleasant Danish peninsula, the Jets 200 miles up from Germany's northern tip is called the European Riviera.  In summer, the jolly Danes even re-create Viking clan gatherings.


July 10.

Touring Kafka’s Prague

A century ago Franz Kafka revolutionized literature.  Take a tour through the capital city of the Czech Republic, where the famous fiction writer lived for most of his 41 years.


July 13.

Man-made pinnacles of perspective

Humans have erected many structures: buildings, towers, and bridges that offer awe inspiring panoramas.  Here are a few examples that are sure to pique your interest.


July 14.

High points of nature

From mountain views to ocean views, there are plenty of natural high points that offer sweeping vistas.  But even though they may be tourist magnets, here are some worth the trouble it takes to get there.


July 15.

Climbing Mount Fuji

“He who climbs Mount Fuji once is a wise man; he who climbs it twice is a fool."  This 12,388 foot peak in the Honshu province three hours south of Tokyo offers a new perspective on the Japanese culture and life.


July 16.

Skiing south of the border

Don't put your snow skis away just yet.  Fresh powder awaits on South America's slopes, where the downhill season runs from mid-June to late September.


July 17.

Trekking up Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak at 19,340 feet.  A trek to the top requires stamina and takes 3 1/2 to four days.  The endless view is its own reward.


July 20.

Scaling San Marino

The world's smallest and oldest independent, independent republic, San Marino is located entirely on Mount Titano, 20 miles southwest of the popular Italian Adriatic seaside resort of Rimini.  Take the funicular up for a fascinating visit.


July 21.

Huntington's gardens

Just 12 miles east of Los Angeles, the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens offer a quiet, cultural Eden. FMI


July 22.

Making European culture more affordable

Despite poor exchange rates for the US dollar, discount passes in Paris, Budapest, Helsinki, Nice, and London can make entrance fees to museums and even public transportation much more affordable.


July 23.

Stretching your money overseas

To avoid vacation shocks, pre-pay as much of your trip as possible before hand, ask about airline package deals, as ATM machines and other ways to make your overseas vacation dollars last longer.



July 24.

Saving on value added taxes.

Often invisible at the purchase point, these levies are common throughout the world.   Refunds can be had for goods that are physically carried or mailed out of the country.  Here's how to get yours.


July 27.

Looking for Vikings amid the earth's bones

At the tablelands in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada, you can find the most accessible portion of the Earth's mantle anywhere.  We take a stroll. FMI -


July 28.

At home in the Twin Cities

Minnesota's most livable cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul offer lots to see and do, but mostly they're just great places to be, especially in the summer.


July 29.

Chincoteague pony swim

Each year in Chincoteague Virginia wild horses are rounded up and herded across shallow waters to be auctioned off a local fire department.  Here's how to avoid the crowds of this main event.  Go two days later.


July 30.

Yoho in Alberta.

Yoho Park is a strip of wilderness in southeast British Columbia.  With one of Canada's highest waterfalls, wildflowers aplenty, and even luxury lodges, Yoho offers a wilderness experience that can bring rich rewards. FMI -


July 31.

Fearful fliers face their phobias.

The number of arrow phobic Americans has reached 30 million.  In response to the problem many fearful flyer programs have been conducted across the United States.



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