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June 2008







June 3

A Raft Trip through the Wilderness

Long before Huck Finn rafted down the Mississippi, rivers attracted adventurous travelers. River rafting is a great way to escape hum-drum vacations. FMI –


June 4.

Putting Kutztown on the calendar

This time of year, the green hills and broad valleys of Berks County Pennsylvania resound with country festivals, but if you're interested in the Pennsylvania Dutch, mark June 28 in red. FMI –


June 5.

On a jaunt through Jutland

The only part of Denmark actually attached to Europe, Jutland is a swath of golden grain fields and cow-dappled moors dotted with the villages of thatched cottages. FMI –


June 6.

Getting inside DC

The capital of the United States is more than a monument to freedom or symbolic seat of power.  It's also Main St. for the rest of our restless country. FMI –


June 7.

Exploring the Italian Marches

The Marches occupy a 100-mile strip along the Adriatic Sea, sharing the “calf” of Italy's boot with Tuscany and Umbria. FMI –


June 10.

Buy a car abroad

Once, Americans traveling in Europe could pick up a new car at the factory and save enough on the card to pay for the trip. That's still possible, but it's much more complicated. FMI





June 11.

Salt Spring Island

This 75-square mile island is nestled in the Georgian Straits off British Columbia's mainland.  Some claim the island has a magical ability to inspire new beginnings. FMI –



June 12.

The caves of Cappadocia

Ancient Hittites were the first to carve caves into the hills of south central Turkey and call them home.  Later, entire towns were excavated out of the soft tufa rock. FMI –


June 13.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Sharing a common boundary and administration, Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks are known for their big trees.  But they have much, much more to offer. FMI –


June 14.

Home away from home

Dreaming of a vacation chalet someplace exotic?  You can avoid a huge hotel bill by trading homes with someone who lives where you want to go. FMI –



June 17.

Britain's amazing mazes

Britain is well endowed with the venerable garden mazes.  Checking out a few selections can be an “amazing” way to explore the countryside. FMI – or


June 18.

Racing to the Finnish line

Residents of a land surrounded by the sea and covered by lakes, a large percentage of Finns own a holiday cottage by the water. FMI –


June 19.

Paragliding in the Rockies

Do you ever have dreamed of flying?  The kind where you lope down a slope and float off into the sky?  Paragliding is that dream come true. FMI –


June 20.

Camping at Costanoa

This pastoral enclave set in the fog shrouded Pacific Hills is what summer camp might be like if it were designed by Martha Stewart, which for the record, it wasn't. FMI –


June 21.

Power points on plugs and juice

Travelers know that electrical currents, voltage levels, and wall plugs vary around the world.  For the unprepared, this can be frustrating, even dangerous. 





June 24.

The country inns of Belgium

Belgium has many small country inns situated on centuries-old estates, with fine furnishings, meticulous grounds, and proprietors who enjoy fine food. FMI


June 25.

The clout of travelers

If we make thoughtful choices about where we go and what we do, travelers do wield significant economic clout.


June 26.

The Vikings of Newfoundland

The western coast of Newfoundland is a hard but beautiful place, with the broadest, most accessible portion of the Earth's mantle anywhere. FMI –


June 27.

The Calgary stampede

Although it's a modern metropolis with glittering downtown towers and rampant suburban sprawl, Calgary, Alberta is best known for a single event. FMI


June 28.

On the Nez Perce trail

In 1877, war clouds were building over the Wallawa Valley, along what is now the Oregon Idaho border. FMI and




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