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April 2008





April 1

On Feathering a Hen

All of Hing's courses and all of Ming’s ken couldn't get gum tea to feather a hen.  Especially not on April Fools' Day.


April 2

Great Greek Islands

Embraced by two arms of the Mediterranean, Greece is a peninsula fringed by over 2000 islands.  Some are tiny, others huge with modern cities and marinas.


April 3.

Sweet travel dreams

Many folks have trouble falling asleep when not tucked safely in their own beds.  Here are prescriptions for getting a good night's sleep when away from home.


April 4.

Tulip time in Washington

Acres of red tulips, yellow daffodils and blue irises: that's a sight a traveler might expect to see in Holland. But in the state of Washington? FMI or


April 5.

Tinkering with time

The sun’s rising and setting may be beyond the power of potentates, but not the keeping of time.


April 8.

Searching for Rome in Lincoln

Often overlooked by Anglophiles drawn to its more sophisticated neighbors, the city of Lincoln is a diamond, neither rough nor polished, more the industrial variety.  FMI



April 9.

Around the world in 80 books

Good travel books can transport readers.  Here are 80 of the best.  It's a syllabus of adventure, a grand tour of landmark travel writing.


April 10.

The art of staying awake

Many trips require staying awake and alert for long hours at a time.  Proper diet, exercise, mental stimulation and willpower can overcome occasional, short-term fatigue.


April 11.

Windy city weekend

Chicago maybe a modern megalopolis, but the more it evolves, the more its down-home style peeks through that global, high style façade. FMI-


April 12.

Appreciating fellow travelers

Some people look forward to spending time with strangers: others regard the prospect with trepidation.  That's too bad.  Fellow travelers often add to the experience.


April 15.

Travel income tax deductions.

When filing your 2007 tax returns, remember that the IRS tends to pay special attention to travel and entertainment deductions, especially if they're claimed for business purposes.


April 16.

Remembering Culloden Field

On a chilly, fog-shrouded morning on this day in 1746 on a bleak moor near Inverness, Scotland, the last pitched battle in Great Britain was fought.  It was also the end of the clans. FMI -  or



April 17.

The comfort of crofts

Gearrannan is an old crofting village and living history museum on the island of Lewis in Scotland's Outer Hebrides.  Intrepid visitors can find unique accommodations here.


April 18

Dallying in Danish manors

For centuries, Denmark was divided into large estates, each with a grand manor house.  Most oft the estates disappeared long ago.  But many manor homes remain and a few accept overnight guests.  FMI



April 19.

Living it up in a lighthouse.

Comfortable overnight accommodations are available at stored light houses on both the East and West coasts, the great lakes, several rivers, and even in Iowa..  FMI

April 22.

A sense of where you are

Even the most detailed topographic map is only a subjective representation of a place.  To pinpoint our position on the planet, we still have to look to the heavens. FMI or



April 23.

In Shakespeare's Stratford

Today is the 444th anniversary of the birth of Bill the Bard, as well as the 392nd anniversary of his death.  FMI



April 24.

Five Adirondack great camps.

New York's magnificent mountains were America's original vacation escape, as gentlemen of meanings built themselves grandiose summer camps.  A few still welcome guests. FMI –



April 25.

Driving north from São Paulo.

The Sierra do Mar, a range of lush mountains along the coast of Brazil, are fronted by scalloped coasts and beaches that resemble those of Hawaii. 


April 26.

Finding sea shells in the Seychelles

This archipelago of tiny, tropical islands off Africa's east coast may be earth's most environmentally conscious country.  FMI –


April 29.

Passing through Portugal

This country in southwest Europe offers all of the history, culture and diversion any sophisticated traveler could want. FMI –


April 30.

Chilling on the Tatshenshini

The “Tat” is a big, ice hearted river that threads its way from the Yukon forests down through the coastal mountains before spilling into Alaska's Glacier Bay. FMI –



May 1.

Accessing Automobile Museums

Many people love cars.  Apart from the vehicles we own, there are the fantasy cars about which we can only dream. The US has many auto museums where we can gawk any old time. FMI -


May 2.

Welcomed at Earthship

This array of passive solar homes near Taos, New Mexico, may be built with natural and recycled materials, but they make elegantly simple B&Bs.  FMI –


May 3.

Tips for good composition

Whether shooting digital or film, composition can be the difference between a good picture and a great photograph.  Here are a few simple tips to help you organize the elements and capture images worthy of your memories.

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