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Episodes for April 2007

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Traveler's Journal episdoes for April 2007


April 2


Dreamboat dreaming

Yachts boats motor and wind powered, can be chartered around the globe directly through brokers or on the Internet, but a good travel agent can still facilitate the process..




April 3.

The Faces of .New England

Barely one fourth the size of Texas, New England feels vast because it encompasses so much, cities and villages, endless mountains and coastlines.


April 4.

Tips for Travelers with Heart Problems

A weak heart once Folks at home, but advances in medical care and transportation mean those with cardiac histories can now have travel in their future.


April 5.

Taking the Pulse of Berlin

Once again, the capital of the German nation, Berlin is re inventing itself infused with the enthusiasm of energetic,, often irreverent youth.


April 6.

Skinning Sakes in Shanghai

In many Chinese cities, it is boom times in the restaurant business.  The range of dining options is impressive, both in terms of traditional cuisine and theme.


April 9.

El Camino de Santiago

In this Christian holy week, a quarter million pilgrims are in the final stage of a month-long journey across northern Spain seeking the truth, the light, the way.


April 10.

Valencia Rising

Situated along Spain's Coasta del Azahar, Valencian history and geography have been shaped by the river Turia and  the Mediterranean.  It's a city on the rise.


April 11.

Foreign Studies

All travel is educational, but last year, several hundred thousand American high school and college students actually attended classes abroad.


April 12.

The Glory of Nothing 

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument is the kind of vastness where a good guide is essential and pack animals a plus.  But there is an eternity in this nothingness.


April 13.

Semana Santa in Guanajuato

The Mexican city of Guanajuato owes its existence to gold and silver, but the enduring creativity of its citizenry gives it life.


April 16.

Foreign Security

From mad cows to terrorist bombers, caution is always a key element to any safe and satisfying international journey.


April 17.

Getting into Estonia

It's difficult to say whether the location of this tiny nation on the corner of the Baltic Sea has been a blessing, a curse or simply a test of patience. 


April 18.

On Being There

Too often on trips, the going and doing gets in the way of the experience.  “Done that," is more meaningful when you really have “Been there.”


April 19.

Flirting with Crete

The Greek island of Crete has accumulated 4000 years of recorded history.  One village is preserving its past by inviting guests to take part in its present.


April 20.

An Alaskan Treasure

When the 49th state was admitted to the Union, it introduced a whole new scale of for portions.  Consider Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve.


April 23.

Wining, Dining and Doing Business Abroad

When business takes one abroad, demonstrating good intentions to clients and customers means taking the time and trouble to learn some customs of their country.


April 24.

Shakespeare's Globe Re-newed

In 1613, the first Globe Theatre burned.  Many attempts have been made to re-create its ambience.  The best opened a decade ago on the Thames’ South Bank.


April 25.

An Ounce of Prevention

Though Americans are no longer required to get vaccinations for most foreign trips, it is still wise to investigate health precautions before you go abroad.


April 26.

In the Land of William Tell.

In Switzerland's Bernese Oberland, villages like Grindelwald, Thun, Brienz and Meiringen have been hosting visitors for centuries.





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