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Episodes for May 2007

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Traveler's Journal episodes for May 2007

April 30

First Class Misconceptions

The truth is, when it comes to hotels, first-class isn't always the best. In fact, sometimes it's decidedly midrange.

May 1

Sizzling Shanghai

The centuries have brought many changes to old fishing villages situated where the great Yangtze River finally filters into the East China Sea.

May 2

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

While regular and decaf are widely understood around the world, ordering a cup of coffee can get complicated. Getting what you want means knowing what it's called.

May 3

Seven Weekend Escapes

Sometimes a quick getaway is exactly what the travel doctor ordered. Here are seven selected destinations for a delightful mini vacation.

May 4

Seeing Sherlock's Switzerland

On this day in 1891, Sherlock Holmes plunged over Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland's Bernese Oberland.

May 7

Taking an RV on Vacation

Some voyagers are venturing further off the beaten path. Instead of renting a car, they rent a recreational vehicle.

May 8

The Essential Great Smokies

The Appalachians are America's most ecologically diverse area. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the best places to explore them.

May 9

Heading to Hilton Head Island

This island situated at South Carolina's southeast tip has been transformed from a sleepy, secluded summer resort into a vibrant, year-round destination.

May 10

Selecting a Summer Camp

All across the US, millions of kids are anticipating the prospect of going to an overnight camp this summer. We offer some selection considerations.

May 11

Camps for Adults

Our offspring don't have to have all the fun. More adults are finding a vacation at camp can be more rewarding than a week at the beach.

May 14

Embracing Culture Shock

Often the best journeys have a way of altering entrenched perspectives and introducing new ways of thinking about life.

May 15

Dali-ing on the Coasta Brava

Esmerelda, rosada y azul green for the trees, pink for the rocks, blue for the sea. That describes Spain's 137-mile-long Coasta Brava, the fierce coast.

May 16

A Guide to Reel Pleasures

Once, dropping a fishing line in exotic waters was limited to royalty. No longer. Here are some of the worlds best fishing spots.

May 17

Fishing in Ungava

This peninsula defines the edge of Canada's Hudson Bay. Despite teeming with giant brook trout, some Ungava rivers have never been finished.

May 18

At Kenai Adventure

A one-hour drive south of Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula is an abridged, more user friendly version of Alaska, packed with postcard panoramas.

May 21

Touring Toscana

The province of Tuscany is a Italian paradise. Its combination of natural beauties and cultural bounties draws travelers from around the world.

May 22

The Sights of Siena

Situated in Italys central highlands, Siena is a modern city, but the roots of its charms are centuries deep.

May 23

A High View of Florence

Shaped and defined by the river Arno, Florences central core remains an inseme, a collection of diverse structures that blend into a seamless whole.

May 24

Getting Lost in Lucca

Massive red brick walls still surround the Tuscan city of Lucca. Built to repel invaders, they have withstood the ravages of 20th-century tourism.

May 25

Shaping Marble in Pietrasanta

Since Roman times, the mountains of Tuscany have produced the world's purest marble. One town in particular is known for shaping the stone.

May 28

In the land of the Jain's

Sravanabegola, India is a center of Jainism, whose adherents believe in detachment from all earthly matters.

May 29

California Screaming

Amusement parks across America are debuting new attractions this season, but the emphasis as much dream and scream as theme. Consider these West Coast additions.

May 30

The Green Tortoise

Tired of the hectic pace and jack rabbit rush of modern travel? When you ride the Green Tortoise, getting there is more than half the fun.

May 31

Auld Grey St. Andrews

For glfers, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews is Mecca, the place where the game is most revered where it has been played for more than five centuries.

June 1

Playing the Irish Links

Scotland is the cradle of golf, but four Irish links courses rank among the world's top 10: Ballybunion, Portrush, Royal County Down and Portmarnock.

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