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Episodes for June 2007

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Traveler's Journal episodes for June 2007


June 4

Training Gardens

Small-scale Lionel and HO gauge layouts have circled Christmas trees for decades.  Recently, another type of model trains has been picking up steam.

For information call the Large-scale Model Railroad Association at  877 -- 547 -- 2253.  For a list of public large-scale displays


June 5

Digging for Roots

The last decade has seen a boom in genealogical interest and so-called “heritage travel.”  The Internet has also been a big help to amateur genealogists.

For free online genealogical research visit:,


June 6.

Be Certain of Credit Charges

Billing errors do happen, along with occasional cases of outright fraud.  Here's an easy way to spot math mistakes and phony charges.


June 7.

On Namibia's Skeleton Coast

One of the earth's oldest, driest, least explored desert lines southeast Africa’s Atlantic Coast.  A new outpost offers the chance to explore this harsh but beautiful realm.

For info on skeleton Coast Camp contact adventure travel desk, 800-552-0300 or


June 8.

The Treasures of Kykuit

For a century, this 65-room mansion on the Hudson River was a private paradise for the Rockefeller family.  Now, visitors can come in and look around at will.

For information 914-631-8200, or


June 11.

The Saucier’s Apprentice

There are many places one can go to learn the fine arts of food preparation, with weekend and weeklong workshops at some very palatable locations.  For information, see Shaw's Guide to Cooking Schools at 305-446-8888 or


June 12.

Riding Wyoming's Wild Horses

The Red Desert Basin is a range where cattle and antelope roam free.  More elusive are its wild horses.

For information 800-572-1230 or


June 13.

Under Ben Bulbin

For William Butler Yates, born this day in 1865, developed an early attachment to County Sligo on Ireland's Atlantic Coast.

For information on County Sligo, contact the Irish tourist board at 800-223-6470 or


 June 14.

Coffee, Tea, Band-aids

Many airline passengers suffer in-flight medical emergencies each week. How prepared are airlines to dispense health services at 35,000 feet in the air?


June 15.

World Honeymoon Capital

For nearly two centuries, newlyweds have been attracted to Niagara Falls, the self-proclaimed honeymoon capital of the world.

For information Niagara Falls Visitor Bureau 800-422-5223 or or  For Shaw Festival, 800-551-7249 or


June 18.

Summer Travel Tips

Summer's annual vacation migration is here.  This home protection checklist will be helpful whether you're traveling near or far.


June 19

Boldly Baltimore.

Founded in 1729 on the Patapsco River estuary of the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore's regained its well-deserved reputation as Charm City.

For information 888-225-8466 or


June 20.

Habitation in Nova Scotia

Before founding Québec in 1608, Samuel de Champlain, lived in this outpost on the edge of North America's Atlantic Coast.

For information 902-532-2898 or


June 21.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

This morning, a 3000-year-old ritual took place on a grassy plain west of London.  Summer has once again arrived in Stonehenge.

For information British tourist Authority 800-462-2748 or



June 22.

Sailing and Sunshine in Sylt

The Frisian Islands are Europe's equivalent of Cape Cod.  Most are laid-back retreats, but one has become the summer place to be and be seen.

For information, German National Tourism 212-661-7200 or


June 25

Exploring Extremadura

In the early 16th century a band of 175 Spaniards left the thin, dry, rocky soil of west central Spain to seek their fortunes in the then very new New World.

Spanish Tourism 212-265-8822 or


June 26.

Appreciating Soddy Life

This odd House on the Prairie B&B in southwest Minnesota, offers an experience straight out of Little House on the Prairie.

Sod House on Prairie B&B, Sanford, MN 507-723-5138


June 27.

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

A proverb says, you forget your troubles wear tight shoes.  Whether walking city streets or mountain trails, make sure your footwear fits the task.


June 28.

10 Great Walks

From east to west, the US has lots of superb day hikes.  From east to west, here are 10 regional favorites.


June 29.

George’s Island in Boston Harbor

Millions of people are flocking to Boston this weekend for the July 4 Harbor Fest.  Only a lucky few will find their way to George’s Island.


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