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Episodes for March 2008

Traveler's Journal episodes for March 2008


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March 4

On the Grand Prix circuit.

For all of NASCAR's crowds and energy, auto racing's most prestigious title is still the Grand Prix world champion. FMI:

March 5

A pluperperfect Polynesian place

The French Polynesian island of Huahine has the same natural charms as Bora Bora, its much better-known sister. FMI

March 6

Cruise photography

Ocean cruises provide plenty of subject material for shutterbugs, but they also pose some special equipment problems.

March 7

Cinematic settings

Many movie buffs enjoy visiting places where favorite films were made, to journey as it were, from reel to real.

March 8

Overcoming altitude sickness

Too many lowlanders who fly to a Colorado ski resort experience some symptoms of altitude sickness upon arrival.

March 11

Volunteer vacations, many more travelers are taking advantage of vacation opportunities to perform a good deed and get something special in return. FMI:

March 12

Crane Watching on the Platte

Over the next six weeks, 80 percent of the world’s entire population of Sandhill cranes will congregate on the wide wetlands of Nebraska’s Platte River. It’s a spectacle to behold. FMI –

March 13

Ogling opals in Cooper Peedy

There is no place on earth quite like this small city in the deep desert outback of South Australia.

March 14

10 peaks of Glacier

The air in Glacier National Park is so clear visibility can be up to 100 miles. That's good. There is a lot to see in its 1584 mi.˛. FMI: or

March 15.

Hiking the hills of Hong Kong

Hong Kong remains one of the world's busiest cities, but travelers can still find rural landscapes that haven’t changed much in 1000 years. FMI:

March 18

In search of beautiful islands

It's clear that particular landscapes resonate for different people. Many dream of escaping to a beautiful island.

March 19

Five easy places

At least two worlds of travel exist within the balmy Caribbean. Here are five islands that are slightly out of the mainstream. FMI: A href="">

March 20

Looking at travel newsletters

These days, there are many excellent sources for details about destinations. Specialized travel newsletters are one excellent option.

March 21

Il Castello di Gargonza

Imagine a tiny, hilltop farming village in Italy's Tuscan countryside. This one is a very special hotel. FMI:

March 22.

Basquing on France's coast

With its fine harbor front houses, St. Jean de Luz is an attractive resort town on France's Atlantic Coast. FMI:

March 25.

El Camino day Santiago

In this most Christian of holy week's more than one million pilgrims are taking a long walk along northern Spain. FMI:

March 26.

That Texas Birding Trail

Each spring and fall, a narrow strip of Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico turns into an avian traffic jam. FMI

March 27.

Rounding up tuna in the Egadis.

Three tiny islets jut from the Mediterranean off Sicily's western tip: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. They are a world unto themselves.

March 28.

Canada's Sunshine Coast

The Georgian Straits is a magical place where mountains plunge into the ocean wears of salt water and lets in freshwater lakes. FMI:

March 29.

By rail across the Andes.

Trains still make the 300-mile round trip over the mountains and past some of earth's most dramatic scenery. FMI:

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