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Gigapixel Panoramas of Note


Click on the image to view the full gigapanorama.


Recognizing the unprecedented possibilities to capture, archive, and display cities and environments in a whole new way, photographers around the world are shooting high resolution "gigapan" panoramas of places they love. These images are excellent opportunities to get a "lay of the land" of a city or place both before and after you visit. Many come with myriad snapshot "close-ups" of things previous visitors have found in these massive images.
The Traveler's Journal has been collecting gigapanoramas. To explore our interactive map cataloging hundreds of high-resolution panoramas of fabulous places around the planet, visit  These images listed below, however, are especially noteworthy examples, and each has been awarded a GIGGY from The Traveler's Journal. Scroll down and enjoy your virtual tour.

Oneonta Falls in the Columbia River Gorge

Paris - 360-degree from the top of the Eiffel Tower


Vancouver 12 Gigapixel -


Skyline of New York from downtown New York -


Lugano, Switzerland -


Rovingno, Italy -


Pittsburgh Gigapanorama -


Munich at night -


Hyderabad, India (Charminar at dawn) - 


San Pelligrino -


Alicante, Mexico -


San Francisco From Treasure Island at Night -


Golden Gate, San Francisco - 


Hong Kong Island at night - 


Budapest -


Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle - 


London from Westminster Bridge -


Pittsburgh, Pa, July Fourth Fireworks - 


Istanbul -


Portland -


Bath, England -


Bath from above - 


San Francisco Twin Peaks view -


Moscow view from Sparrow Hills -


Mexico City -


Basel, Switzerland -


Downtown Vancouver - 


Boston from Prudential Center -


Pittsburgh, Pa, 7th Street -


San Francisco Aquatic Park -   Toledo, Spain -


Los Angeles Basin -


Bogata -


Singapore - Night Scene -


Beijing -


Beijing, Tien An Men Square -


San Francisco from Corona Heights -


New York from The Top of the Rock looking south -


Prague -


Las Vegas strip -


Pittsburgh, Pa, looking southwest from top pf US Steel Tower -


Chicago skyline -


Edinburgh from Salisbury Crag -


Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado -


Saltzburg, Austria -


Honolulu from Pu'u Ualaka'a -


Seattle from Alki Beach -


Shanghai (272 Gigapixels)-  


Downtown Vancouver -


Lima, Peru -


Sydney Harbor -


Salzburg, Austria -


Machu Picchu -


Mexico City - 


The Earth at Night (The Black Marble) -


London on the South Bank - 


Lyon, France -


North Jersey and New York City -


London 360 (320 gigapixel 48,000 images) -


Cannes,Cote d Azur 65 Gigapixel - 


Manhattan skyline -


Toronto, Canada -


Canberra, Australia, from Telstra Tower -


Montreal vue du chalet de la Montagne -


Dubai -


Benidorm, Spain -


Barcelona from Miramar -


Bogata, Columbia -


Helicopter 360 of Manhattan at night -


Alicante from el Castillo de Sta. Barbara - 


Singapore from top of Marina Sands Casino -


Pamplona, Spain Running of the Bulls -


The planet Mars - and 


Seville, Spain 111 Gigapixel - 


Tokyo 360 -


Barcelona from Mont Junc Park-


Sienna, Italy, the Palio -,-10.32,70.0


Beruit, Lebanon - 


One Evening in Chicago -


Taipei -


Manhattan at night from the Top of the Rock -,9.05,47.8


Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, July 2012 -


Athens 360 Helicopter perspective -


Istanbul 65 -


Mecca, Saudia Arabia, the Grand Mosque -


The Aurora Borealis 360 -


Kyoto Garden Tours -


The Taj Mahal -


Lisbon - 


Niagara Falls series: 1912 winter - 1913 summer - 2012 autumn - 2013 winter -


Bird’s Eye View of Lake Pichola, Udaipur, India -


Port-au-Prince, Haiti -


Stockholm (from Slussen)-


Zagreb, Croatia - 


Rio d Janeiro, 360-degree from the top of Christ the Redeemer -


Norwegian mountaintop -


Florence, Italy -


Loch an Eilein, Aviemore Highlands, Scotland


Spherical 360 from the top of the Eiffel Tower -,2.96,5.0


Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina -


Chicago Lakefront, from Adler Planatarium -


King Penguins, mountains and glaciers at St Andrews Bay -


Kasel, Germany, 64-Gigapixels -


San Francisco, from the Top of the Mark -


Kenya, the Great Migration -


Jerusalem, Old City from Tower of David - and


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 360 -


Guadalajara, Mexico Poniente -


Pont Canavese, Italy -


Frankfurt, Germany -


Vancouver, from Stanley Park -


Kavala, Greece - panoramic view from above the Castle - 


Manhattan at night -


Vancouver from Cypress Mountain -


Cadiz, Spain -


Krakow, Poland - 


Cologne 360 -


Pamplona - 360 running of the bulls -


Cologne, Germany supergigapixel -   The Rhine River near Boppard -


Augsburg, Germany -


South Pole 360 - 


Dubai -


Szczecin, Poland aerial -


Kitzbuhel, Austria -


Pittsburgh, Pa (Paddle at the Point) -


Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada -


Dubai from Burj Kalifa 360 -


Istanbul -


Old Istanbul -


Vancouver at night -


Cusco, Peru -


Venice, Italy -


Venice, Italy view from San Marco campanile -


Florence, Italy, Arno River panorama - 


London, 360 from St Paul’s


Dubrovnik, Croatia -























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